Messages 2012

how do you correct a sin?

April 28th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My beloved child,

How do you correct a sin?

As I told you yesterday, you must first recognize that you sinned, and feel in your heart that you acted unlovingly and then ask for my love and forgiveness. I will never let you down.

When we were talking about the Ten Commandments a few days ago, we were talking about a time in human history when people didn’t have the Love in their souls, thus their actions couldn’t be corrected through their feelings of a wrong act. The Ten Commandments came about to teach people to not act unlovingly to their fellow humans.

Then came my son Jesus to tell about the possibility of receiving the Divine Love in their souls by simply asking for it. Until then it wasn’t possible for humans to feel this Love. And without feeling this Love it was not possible for humans to know of its existence.

Now this Divine Love is available to all humans and if you follow your heart you need no rules nor commandments. It is as simple as that.

Love is simple. Don’t complicate it (smile).

Your loving Father