Messages 2012

feel your way to me

April 1st, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Dear child

You are still in doubt about whether you are having conversations with me and you ask for proofs. Like proofs from negative spirits, some amusing proofs like something dropping from a shelf. That’s not how it works. You must have faith. Your faith is growing everyday and you have no problem in that respect when you are by yourself. But when you ask yourself if you believe I exist, your answer is still no. That is your mind saying no and your mind does not know the truth. Your mind cannot grasp my existence. You were not created that way. I created you with the ability to know me through your heart and soul not through your mind. Your mind is a wonderful creation but was not made for reaching me. You do not feel with your mind and it is all about feelings. I touch you with feelings and feeling your feelings is so important. If you are disconnected from your feelings you cannot feel me. You must feel your feelings first. That is why different therapies might be helpful on your way to Me. Connecting again to your feelings, and recognising your emotions is crucial for knowing me.

The therapy you undertook in was immensely important to you, because you finally got in contact with your feelings through your breath. Your breath is your connection to me. We are in constant exchange via your breathing. Breathe me in - breathe you out - and we are connected. Try to be aware of this when you breathe. I am at the end of your breath and when you breathe out you give yourself to me. In that way we become one.

Enough for today

Your Heavenly Father