New birth

Messages 2012

dreaming the impossible dream

April 29th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My loving child,

I am delighted we are here together again. Today we will talk about dreaming the impossible dream.

All your possibilities lie in your dreams. You cannot create what your mind considers impossible. Trust your heart. Your heart knows infinity. Your tenderest dreams and most sincere longings rise from your heart. Feel in your heart all your possibilities. You cannot create from your limited mind.

Talking with me is like dreaming. You can only create our relationship and communicate if you trust that you can. Trust is like dreaming. Don't limit yourself by your mind.

What kind of Father would I be, to not be available for my children. You know I am your loving Father. When you pray with all your heart, I feel you and we can talk. If your desire is to communicate, we will. Never limit your dreams by your mind. Dare to dream and dream high.

I love you as always,

Your Father