Messages 2012

The extraordinary lies in the ordinary

April 11, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Child of God, you cannot believe what you hear even though you feel it is true. You must stop understanding with your mind and set your soul free. I am here always and you feel me near you in your daily activities also when you are not able to write down what you hear. Sometimes you change the words to suit you more and that is okay as long as the meaning is not distorted in any way. And I will tell you if it is so. It is important the words suit you as this language is not one you are totally familiar with.

You feel very ordinary and not in any way qualified for the purpose of writing down my words. Just as with Jesus the extraordinary lies in the ordinary life. Your life is a good life, you are taking care of your kids, and you are trying to live and love accordingly to your dreams and values, always trying to love a little more. That is the human life and the life I want you to live. The extraordinary and important is right in front of you, the everyday miracle, and the great is in the small. I am here and can be found through everything. You just need to look and expect the unexpected. At the same time leave your mind alone and feel me in your heart. I will say to you, your mind gets in the way and distracts you. Don’t think too much because thinking takes you out of our communication. Sometimes your doubt comes in and immediately our contact is broken. That is why you must sit down quietly every day. This silence brings us closer and when you write your mind is occupied with the mechanics of writing, your mind is busy leading the hand and that is when I can come in and speak with you.

You ask why I picked you for these messages. But I did not - you picked me. Because of your sincere longing, all your tears dedicated to truth opened up this channel between you and me. This is available to all. I made it that way and it is possible for all to have this communication. Many things disturb this communication and the greatest disturbance is the lack of self love. You must love yourself enough. Self hatred is the most destroying thing for our communication. You must learn to love yourself. Many of you have learned to hate yourselves. You were not born this way; it is something that is learned during your childhood, through generations and generations you have learned to not feel good enough as you carry this self hatred through all the generations. But you are wonderful each and every one and I love you all. You do not have to do anything special, go anywhere special, live in any special way, but love is important. The love for yourself especially. Through that love comes the love for all that is.

What is love, you ask? My love is different to human love in the way that my love is endless and holds no conditions. You can trust my love. Human love cannot be trusted. That is a fact, just look around. It does not mean human love is not important. Human love is really important. You live here on earth and without human love you would die and everything would be destroyed. Human love keeps you together, you and the world. But if you trust only human love and expect human love to last forever you will be disappointed, and you have all tried that. It is when you trust human love and put all your effort into only that, your heart will break. You are free to love and I gave you that freedom. You are free to grow and come closer to me and of course it means that sometimes humans choose another way and leave a loved one behind. Which may be seen as betrayal but only in the eyes of the humans who do not see the bigger perspective. The bigger perspective is my love, which never fails and never lets you down. When you have my love - or rather allow my love - you will have the strength to overcome the losses of human love.

There are many subjects about which we can have a conversation and you need not worry since everything will come in due time. I promise to be here for you and not to distract you too much when you need rest.

Your heavenly Father who loves you as all His children  

Messages 2012