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letting go of your old beliefs

May 2nd, 2012

Received by: Child of God


So you are here with me. I do love our little morning sessions.

We will continue from yesterday where we spoke about willingness. Today it is about letting go of your old beliefs. There are a lot of beautiful texts and scriptures. And they can be very helpful and contain a lot of Truths. Let there be no doubt about that.

The word fear slips through your mind. That is because fear is what it is about. Fear of losing yourself. Fear of letting go. That is ego stuff. You THINK you will die. You THINK your life is over. Because your mind cannot comprehend what lies beyond letting go of your old beliefs.

Belief will take you nowhere in the end. Belief still needs proof. You must let it all go. Cry your fear out. Dare to fear. What lies beyond fear is love. But you must face fear first. That is not easy. It is the ultimate test for you to show you love Me and trust Me. This little poem you read somewhere came into your mind, and it is what it is all about. Write it here:

“When God Pushes You

To The Edge Of Difficulty

Trust Him Fully

Because Two Things Can Happen

Either He Will Catch You

When You Fall

Or He Will Teach You How To Fly”

You cannot have what you cannot feel. Your heart must be your guardian. Your mind it’s servant. You want us to talk more on this subject and so we will, but another day.

Loving you as always

Your Father