Messages 2007

Jesus discusses abortion and child abandonment.

March 4th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I come this afternoon to discuss the issue of abortion, one of the burning issues of the day.

First, let me say unequivocally that abortion is a terrible sin, for it represents the destruction of a human life. There have been many young mothers who have chosen a better way. They brought the child to term and then left it at a church or a hospital.

One main reason why mothers either abort their baby or abandon it is because they are ill-equipped, either emotionally or financially or both, to take care of it. These circumstances prevent the mother from thinking of the welfare of the child. But this is not always the case with those who have abandoned their baby, for many of them harbor the loving thought that in some way, their baby will be provided for. Everything depends on the motives. You will remember that Moses’ mother abandoned him to save his very life.

You will recall the message you channeled from Abraham Lincoln about war. Well, the exact same principle prevails, that mortals cannot see the world of the inner motives of their fellow mortals. That is why I spoke the way I did through Amada Reza, to let her hearers know, in addition, that all sorts of extenuating circumstances are involved, such as danger to the mother’s life, or tragic circumstances such as incest or rape.

I opened this message by saying that abortion is a terrible sin, which it is. But there are varying degrees of accountability, based on the motives of the mother and the abortionist.

As an example of what I am saying, take my own betrayal by Judas. He truly wanted the best for me and my followers. He wanted to force me to react so I could show my power. So that is why his suffering in the afterlife was not as intense as others, even considering that he took his own life in addition.

Another example is Cotton Mather, whom you channeled, and who presided at the Salem witch trials. He truly wanted to do the right thing by God. The fact that people died tragically and horribly as a result became a source of suffering for him, but since his motive was not murder but serving God, his penalty was less than it would have been had he had a desire to simply murder them.

So, as you have gathered, for every sin committed by a mortal, there is an accompanying motive, which has a direct bearing on the penalty for that sin. That is why human justice is often incapable of providing exact punishment, and that is why so many feel that extenuating circumstances must be considered as well, as in the case of abortion.

There are many who do not consider abortion a sin, and that is because many of these people do not consider the fetus to be a legitimate human being. But you know that once the soul enters that fetus, it becomes a live human being created in the image of God.

I cannot lay down an edict as to what human beings should do about abortion, because that must be left up to human beings themselves. Any decision to terminate a life entails very serious consequences, and these consequences are dependent on the motives with which these sins were committed.

So your countrymen will have to continue to agonize over this contentious issue. One answer will obviously not please all.

One suggestion I would strongly recommend is the highly visible presence of more free and confidential counseling and awareness centers for pregnant women who are contemplating either abortion or child abandonment. Your society must provide a nurturing environment for pregnant women in untenable and tragic circumstances. It should be strongly urged that she bring the child to term and then give it over to a caring facility, which would then bring it for adoption or give it to an orphanage.

As your country becomes more and more humane and caring, many will see the need to reach these desperate women and their abandoned babies, so both groups may be accorded the proper care and respect. In this way, tragedy can be prevented, and turned into life-giving possibilities, so that God’s Will is not trangressed.