Messages 2007

Jesus discusses the Padgett Messages.

February 5th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me comment on the Padgett messages. When Mr. Padgett’s work was over, he left behind channelings that did in fact “pierce the veil,” as you say. They accurately describe not only many things about the spirit world that were previously completely unknown, but also many of God’s Truths which were also likewise not known before.

We never saw his efforts as a final statement that could not be added to or amplified. However, just as they are, they are generally authoritative about Celestial Truths, and how these Truths both agree and sometimes clash with the Bible.

In the Padgett messages themselves, it was clearly stated that there will never be an end to discovering Truth. So, as qualified mediums will continually be raised up, there will be no end to embellishing the Truths revealed through Mr. Padgett’s pen.

However, I must state emphatically, and with the authority that God has given me, that the basic Truth of the New Birth of the soul, achieved by praying with faith for God’s Love, will never be surpassed or eradicated, for this Truth is the very greatest one, and is the only Truth that can be the foundation of oneness with God.

I will continue my dialogue with mortals, and will also continue to influence the earthplane in a way that harmonizes with God’s Will.