Messages 2011

Self-Defense and Loving One’s Enemies.

February 5th, 2011

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I come this lovely morning to deliver a message on a subject with which you have lacked clarity. I want to clarify it for you.

You know that I taught that we should love our enemies. But what if someone attacks us or our loved ones? What if a country makes war with our country? Are we not to defend ourselves? This has been the chief complaint against my teaching.

The first thing I need to say is, it is everyone’s privilege to defend oneself. The question is, how?

One factor which people need to understand is that, as your own experience confirms, when a person responds to the negative with the positive, this disempowers the negativity. I understood this well.

But in order to put this into practice, it requires the inner strength that comes with soul development, for it is the natural human tendency to respond in kind with the negative.

You have been able to trace your own development. In your earlier life, you had anger and resentment when people were negative with you, but as your soul got stronger, you perceived that that negativity was that person’s problem and not your own. When you were able to not take it personally, the way was clear to love your enemy, and as a result, the negative had no more power, and the chain of negativity was broken.

Now, the matter of Adolf Hitler comes to your mind. You feel he had to be opposed. Well, as you are coming to learn more and more, Hitler was enabled by those who later opposed him. This is well-known in the spirit world, and those who did this have suffered horribly. So this puts a different slant on the subject, doesn’t it?

This brings up the whole subject of war. Is there such a thing as a righteous, a good war? Well, as we said through Mr. Padgett, this is an individual matter, and everyone involved when war breaks out, has to account for whatever he or she has said and done, and God Leaves the outcome up to mortals.

But still, God Is always Working for His Truth of righteousness and Love to prevail.