Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2011

Author Title Date of Message
Dr. L. Stone Dr L. Stone - my soul condition on passing over. January 4th, 2011
Walt Disney Walt Disney, History, and Hope. January 6th, 2011
Franklin D Roosevelt Franklin Roosevelt’s Perspective. January 13th, 2011
Jesus Fact, Not Naivete. January 14th, 2011
Cecil John Rhodes The Disadvantages of Pursuing Empire. January 23rd, 2011
John Greek in Jesus’ Time. January 28th, 2011
William Tyndale The Grace of Faith. January 28th, 2011
Neville Chamberlain A British Leader’s Sorrow. January 31st, 2011
Unknown Theory without Practice. February 2nd, 2011
Jesus Self-Defense and Loving One’s Enemies February 5th, 2011
Abraham Abraham and Chaldea. February 19th, 2011
Hafiz Muslims in the Spirit World. March 3rd, 2011
Jesus The Law of History. April 12th, 2011
Oscar Wilde God Doesn’t Care If You Are Gay. May 24th, 2011
Thomas J. Watson Thomas J. Watson and the Nazis. May 24th, 2011
Nelson Rockefeller The Honesty of a Rockefeller. May 30th, 2011
Jesus Possessing the Love. June 24th, 2011
Jesus God’s Plan June 28th, 2011
Teacher Ophelius. Color in the Mosaic of Life. September 4th, 2011
H.G. Wells H.G. Wells’ Experiences in the Spirit World. September 13th, 2011
Heinrich Himmler A Nazi’s Experiences in the Spirit World. September 18th, 2011
Tony Curtis A Movie Star’s Perspective in the Spirit World. October 5th, 2011
Thomas Jefferson Angelic Interest in the Mortal Life. October 8th, 2011
Rock Hudson A Movie Star’s Confusion. October 9th, 2011
John Lennon Hope From a Beatle. November 3rd, 2011
Jesus Comfort From Jesus. November 6rd, 2011
A Carer Universe Efficiency. November 18th, 2011
Victor Summers Message From Victor Summers. November 18th, 2011
Jesus Sleep and Accountability. November 22nd, 2011
Victor Summers Second Message From Victor Summers. November 27th, 2011
John Logos and Jewish Thought November 30th, 2011
Marilyn Munroe Marilyn Monroe’s Experiences on the Other Side. December 1st, 2011
Jesus Memory of Dreams. December 4th, 2011
Jesus Power. December 6th, 2011