Messages 2011

Theory without Practice.

February 2nd, 2011

Gavere (Belgium).

Received by WV.


Good evening. As you have noticed, all of these entities had something in common. They all asked for help and it was also important you knew they all had different nationalities. Why? Well, because we want you to understand that origin, place of birth, place of death or geographic residence is of no importance at all once you enter the spirit world. Even language is not important.

You didn’t know the first person, Jean-Marie, but he was actually a prominent person. The latter, Alvin, was as they say, a regular street boy. This, also, makes no difference when one enters the spirit world. The position of a man on earth does not affect the position of the soul in the spirit world. In the spirit world, everybody is equal. All that matters here, is the development of the soul: how much love you have cultivated, received or requested. Whether you are world famous or a street kid, once you enter this world nothing except for the love you tried to cultivate will matter.

How do we develop that love? Well, very simple: by following our heart and soul. It is not enough to only ask for love, it is also very important to give love! There is an old saying that indeed contains much truth: “it is in giving that you receive.” So try to look at the positive side of people and give them compliments about it or say “thank you” when they have tried to help or serve you. It might seem small or insignificant to you, but believe me, it is never. It is such things that will determine your place in the hereafter.

Of course, there is the “Primal Energy” - the Universal or Divine Love that one must receive in his soul - which is most important. But it is equally important to share the Love one receives with others.

Herein it is important to follow your heart and soul. This way you will feel what is in report with the Laws of Love. It is by living according to these Laws of Love, that you keep your soul in a loving condition.

Try to observe yourself more than normal, so you can learn when the Universe (=God) talks to you. Yes, it does that. Give more (Love) so the walls you’ve built around your soul may disappear like snow to the sun. Give, so you may feel what it brings about. Whether you give somebody 5 Euros, a hand or a pat on the back, does not matter, as long as you give it with Love.

I know I’m not telling you anything new, but too few people know what the real effect of (loving) giving is. Not giving because you feel you should, but giving because you feel it’s the right thing to do and because your heart and soul tell you to.

It is important for you to know how thoughts affect spirituality. The power of positive thinking is not as stupid as most people think. Negative thinking disconnects the link between you (as a physical and spirit being) and your soul. Since the soul is the most important part, men should pay most of their attention to it, so the mind will subordinate to the will of the soul.

When one thinks of too many negative things, it feels like the soul (and all the love in it) suddenly disappears. Of course it does not. It just feels like it because you allow those (negative) thoughts instead of having faith in the Source of the universe. And unhappiness only arises because the connection between your physical body and your soul has temporarily been broken.

So be aware of the fact that your mind is capable of doing this. It is your journey to learn how to subordinate your mind to your soul. Once that process begins, you start the journey of becoming who you really are.

Be aware of your thinking and try to correct yourself at times when you worry, fear, feel guilty, hate, etc. by thinking positive and loving thoughts. And, what if you don’t succeed? Well, ask for help! Ask your guides and the Source to help to fill you with Love and positive thoughts. If you persist, you will notice negativity will fade, because you’re trying to reconnect the link between your mind and soul. Only love can repair this connection. Every bit of negativity decomposes or disconnects this link, little by little.

That is why we need to learn to love everybody. We know it is difficult. We know how much judgment is within men. However, as we just mentioned, these judgments are merely the creations of the mind. If your mind is subordinate to your soul, you will feel the need for love and attention in every person equally; whether it is a Jew, a Moroccan, a Belgian or an American; an introvert, extrovert, silent or loud, soft or harsh person. Nobody’s life is worth more than anybody else’s.

And to cultivate the Love inside your soul, it is important that you learn this and that you put aside your preconceived thoughts. How? By bursting the bubble and talking with the one you have preconceived ideas about. Look at how they live, what they are doing or what they value. You will find they are not so different from you.

We are all human beings, spirits and souls. We are all creations depending on what the universe gives us, depending on the breath we take and what this earth provides, depending on the Prana that we get from the Source Itself. Please do not forget this valuable message, my friends. Write it down and read it again. These messages are food for the soul. They give you insight into what will make you happy and what many really need.

Put them into practice. Theory without practice is like a rough diamond that is never cut: nobody will see its true beauty.

Good night.