Messages 2011

Franklin Roosevelt’s Perspective.

January 13th, 2011

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Franklin Roosevelt.

You have just finished reading Antony C. Sutton’s 1975 book, “Wall Street and FDR”. You would like to know my response.

Guilty as charged.

What he misses, however, is that I did have a sense of service to the country. But this got entangled with the big business strings that I conspired with. I felt that aspects of the New Deal were helpful to my fellow citizens, and I still think so. But as the book indicates, there was a darker plan. And since I was a prime player, I have suffered the consequences.

Mr. Sutton is of the opinion that no government is better than governmental involvement. That is one of the burning issues in contemporary America. I know you’re unsure about all this. All I can say is that God will Guide you to the truth. In a wider perspective, violations of God’s laws involve consequences. I did not see this clearly, but I do now, and with it, the unhappiness and suffering I experienced.

Where am I now? Well, I have progressed considerably from the darkness that greeted me here. And that is because my will was strengthened by the adversity of my polio, and I was able to use this strengthened will over here to emerge from darkness to relative light by learning the path to happiness in the Divine Love. Yes, I know it.

I see that your mind goes back and forth from optimism to pessimism. You don’t see objectively a way out. But there is a way out, and you will find it, because you want it and seek it.

I wish you, my friend, a happy day. There is nothing more powerful than God.