Messages 2011

Sleep and Accountability.

November 22nd, 2011

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I come this afternoon in response to Geoff’s question. He is interested in the soul in sleep.

Well, I can only say, quite simply, that certain laws affecting the moral aspect of mortals are temporarily suspended in the sleep state. As is well known, the biological purpose of sleep is to rest and restore the mind and body. The sleep state is not included in the normal workings of moral principles such as the Law of Compensation.

However, the sleep state can result in mortal souls entering the spirit world and visiting others. This has occurred quite frequently. And you (FAB) can remember when a spirit very clearly communicated to you in your sleep. So it works both ways.

As to the matter of experiencing Heaven or hell, I can only say that the full effect of either of these places awaits the full entry of that mortal into the spirit world. Thus, the sleep state can never duplicate the reality that awaits spirits as they answer to their lives on Earth. Certainly, it is possible for a mortal soul in sleep to have some idea of the joys of Heaven. This has occurred. But it can never be the same as the reality.

Yes, the soul is the soul, whether in waking or sleep. But what I am saying is that the mortal soul that enters the spirit world in sleep does so in a way that is at least one step removed from the full reality.

If Geoff would like further information, it would be my great pleasure to respond. I thank Geoff for his love of truth and his desire to know.


Note. These may seem very strange questions to ask. However an individual has been teaching that in the sleep state we travel to the Spirit Spheres (which is correct) and there we may engage in sinful activities which are a reflection of our “real selves”, even if we never do those things in our waking state. In other words our real self is not the person we know in the waking state.

We can see from this message that we do not experience the Spirit Spheres in the same way as a “permanent” resident would, and also anything we might do there does not fall under the normal Law of Compensation. My own personal experience of this sleep state is that I do act precisely as I do here. I do not have an unconscious self that is depraved, or is in any way different to my conscious self. So I totally reject any notion that what we do in the sleep state can be called “sinful”.