Messages 2011

Message From Victor Summers.

November 18th, 2011

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Victor Summers.

I want to write you a message. I can do it, even though I have recently arrived.

I can only think now of this beautiful place, more beautiful than I ever imagined. I am not dwelling on my sins, though I know I have them. This place is so very beautiful. No spirit can think of sin in such a heavenly place. The transition is unbelievable, beyond anything I have imagined. I am settling in, with relatives and friends.

Yes, you may share this with Roberta.

When you’ve been sick like me, it’s indescribable to attempt to explain the feeling of overwhelming relief that all that trouble is gone forever.

I intend to channel many messages to you, and I see that you are willing and able. I felt you are a gift, but I don’t think I saw the half of it.

That’s all I wish to say now. God Bless you. God Is Great, and God Is Love.


Victor Summers passed over on the 17th November 2011. He was born on the 22nd November 1954. He played an intriguing role in the history of the various churches some thirty years ago. After the passing of Rev. John Paul Gibson, a number of people gathered in Washington to help grow the church movement. One of those was Victor. He took up the position as head of the Foundation Church of the New Birth. Sadly things did not settle down, and eventually Victor saw fit to leave Washington, taking with him in his car as many of the originals of the manuscripts as he could. He kept the original of the prayer, and also a document containing all the details of Padgett’s daily dairy. The rest of the manuscripts he left with close friends.

Victor subsequently, in about 2001 started matching the messages that were undated in the four volumes of True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus with the dates he had. He later shared that with H…., and eventually a copy of this was passed onto myself. While Victor was not best pleased that this information had been “released” he later accepted it and published his copy of the Padgett Diary on the web. This action has resulted in our current ability to publish the messages in date order, which is probably the most significant event since Dr Stone’s publishing of the initial volumes.