Messages 2011

Memory of Dreams.

December 4th, 2011

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I come this lovely Sunday afternoon to address Geoff’s concern. He wants to know about memories of dreams, and if we remember them in the spirit world.

Well, Geoff already has a beginning understanding of this, for the key, as to remembering dreams or not, is whether they are important to our journey. Geoff knows full well that dreams are bizarre, strange, and expressed in a highly symbolic way. And yet, they do have great significance. The ancient world valued them. So do many indigenous people in your time.

I do feel dreams are extremely important when they serve God’s purpose. Dreams can communicate important messages. They are particularly effective because there is no interference from either outside interference or inner censoring.

So yes, certain dream experiences, which may not even register in the conscious mind, are retained in the afterlife when there is a suitable reason to do so. After all, it’s the memories of our Earth life that determine our place in this great world of spirits, where exact justice always occurs. So it is only natural and sensible to assume that important dreams form part of this memory block, in terms of the spirit understanding its soul and how that soul fared on its mortal journey.

Dreams that do not have an important role in a mortal’s journey are not retained, just as many things mortals do are forgotten because they have nothing to do with the moral and spiritual path, except where there is a special reason to remember, as in the case of important political figures or great artists.

I wish to tell Geoff that we are working very hard on his behalf. He is under our care. He knows this, but I thought he would like to hear it directly.1


1 While this was a personal matter which I do not wish to discuss publicly, it did occur. It involved a great many years of Angelic support.