Messages 2007

The Concepts of Justice and Love.

February 28th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

We see you think very highly of the Judas channelings - and so do we. But there is one passage that has perplexed you, and I would like to comment on it now. It is in the channeling called “Communication and Mediumship,” dated August 20, 2001. The passage reads:

“We [Celestial Angels and higher spirits] live in a world where justice finds no room, it is a world of love, either the love of man, or the Divine Love, but love and justice have nothing in common. Justice is a human invention. God is not justice. He is Love. If you don’t understand this, you cannot comprehend God.”

Judas and I have talked about this passage, as we knew it could easily be misinterpreted. So finally now, we have the chance to set the record straight, so that Judas’ meaning be made clear.

First, let me outline your own feelings and perceptions. For you, with the blood of the Jewish prophets in your veins, there is nothing more natural than the idea of justice, which runs as a beautiful theme throughout Jewish thought down through the ages.

The Mosaic laws were designed to implement this justice to the Israelite society. And then the idea of justice spread to the Gentile nations in the Jewish mind, so that many Jews, particularly in the last two centuries, found themselves irresistibly attracted to issues of universal justice and righteousness. And you channeled Moses as saying that he foresaw a Jewish leader who would have an advanced sense of righteousness and who would also bring redemption.

Yes, I myself did have this burning sense of righteousness. Indeed, Judas channels that I was impelled to speak out against the abuses of the Temple because of this righteousness. So it seems to you that there is a contradiction within the Judas channelings themselves.

Now you must understand that Judas was not implying at all that justice is a bad thing. Indeed, the basic law of sowing and reaping would imply that it is only fair that we get what’s coming to us based on our actions and words.

In your recent channelings about the unfolding of God’s Plan, I spoke about how poorer countries will receive fairer treatment on the part of the richer countries. This is certainly part of any sense of justice - or, in other words, fairness.

To say, “God is not justice. God is Love,” is simply to repeat what you already know - that the Covenant of the New Heart, meaning the New Birth of the soul, makes unnecessary the laws of the Torah. But this does not mean to imply that God does not deal fairly with humanity, for God always is working toward the betterment of His children.

Take, for example, one of your favorite parables of mine, the Parable of the Prodigal Son. The dutiful son gets angry because he feels his brother does not deserve such lavish treatment, when he himself has always worked so hard. But the father’s way of thinking is different. He feels that his erring son was lost, and now is found, regardless of the faithfulness of his brother.

Do you see where I am leading you? In the Mosaic code, there is “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” Granted, this eventually came to mean a monetary payment. (The original meaning was not so - it originally was in the spirit of retaliation.) Some educated Jews have pointed to this fact to mitigate the severity of the concept.

But even with this softened approach, the logic is still of the earthplane. By this logic, the Prodigal Son could never have received the treatment his father gave him, since it was not technically deserved.

Now let me comment on the ideas that trouble you - “love and justice have nothing in common. Justice is a human invention. God is not justice. He is Love.” For you, to say that God is not justice tears at the essence of your view of God, who, to you, is the embodiment, the principle of justice.

Now let me shift to your future mission in the world. You have been led to believe that you will effect change in the world by moving hearts. Well, this is not justice - it is Love. So can you not see that Judas is articulating the same thing? If you were to operate strictly by justice, then evil would be repaid with evil. But that is not the Creator’s way.

But then, you argue, what about the law of sowing and reaping? Isn’t that what justice is all about, that people get what they deserve, for good or ill? Well, yes, this is true. In God’s economy, people always eventually reap what they sow. This is a Divine law that will never change.

But it is not justice essentially by which God reigns in the affairs of humanity - it is, instead, what you call in English mercy. And mercy is really at the heart of Love.

The key idea for you to understand is the method you would like to use. You have learned not to demonize anybody, since everybody is equally loved by God. And you have adopted Martin Luther King’s view, that only love and not hate can conquer hate. If you were seeing strictly through the eyes of justice, you could not possibly have been given this greater insight.

And may I remind you that Dr. King derived this insight from my teachings.

What has confused you is that you thought Judas’ comments were negating the idea that fairness, or justice, should prevail. Any sane, sensible approach to my teachings must admit that fairness and fair play are essential attributes of God’s Will toward humanity, that a good life is rewarded with a happy afterlife, and an evil life suffers the consequence of darkness and suffering.

But God’s conception of His beloved children goes way beyond this admitted fact. It seeks to lift the dark, unhappy spirits out of their dilemma into a place of light and happiness - in other words, God’s Love overshadows the unfortunate ones, and is waiting patiently for their turning to repentance.

This is something that is alien to the Mosaic idea of the Torah. It is true that Talmudic thinkers wanted enemies to be friends, but what I revealed goes so much deeper. I taught that the vilest sinner was equally loved by God. Jewish thought could not go this far. No, you may search the Torah and the Talmud, and you will not find the type of Love that I taught and exemplified, even though there were leanings in that direction.

You never heard the idea, “love and justice have nothing in common.” Being a Jew, the two concepts have always been wedded in your mind. Now your mind is opening up to a different way of seeing. The distortion you had is that you thought the idea presented is that God is not in favor of justice, when the truth of the matter is that He Himself created the law of sowing and reaping, which is the essence of the principle of justice.

No, Judas was in no way denying justice. Yes, he does call it “a human invention.” He is referring here to the limited earthplane way that justice is administered, as opposed to the justice of God, which is the law of sowing and reaping. But even here, though God created this unchanging law, His great Heart of Love is constantly going out to humanity, patiently waiting for them to partake of the Banquet of the Celestial Kingdom in the New Birth of the soul.

So you see, there was unclarity over the use of the word “justice,” and Judas himself realized that this might cause problems.

Now you are thinking, doesn’t the law of sowing and reaping also reflect God’s Will? Well, see it as a cause and effect rather than strictly God’s Will. If you put sugar in water, the water will taste sweet. This is the working of a natural law. If a person does evil, that person will reap the evil he or she has sown. This is a psychological and moral law. What is unclear in your mind is this fact, that the Creator had to set up this all-embracing law to preserve the harmony of humanity’s universe. But above and beyond this is His Heart of Love, which is always burning, and yearning for all to come into the sheepfold to enjoy the green pastures and the Living Waters of the Divine Love.

So love and justice are two separate realities. And human justice is a third reality that often even contradicts God’s Will.

When Judas said, “God is not justice. He is Love,” he was referring to the essence of what God is, not an angry bearded man (as Orthodox Christianity has depicted him), dispensing rewards and punishments, but the Love principle itself. But in His wisdom, God saw that both laws [sowing and reaping, and the law of Love] must work, until the former becomes swallowed up by the latter.

I acknowledge that Judas’ comments can strike one as inaccurate and even untrue, until one is willing to get beyond earthplane language to uncover what I was privileged to disclose to humanity for the first time - that there is no sin that God will not forgive, and that God desires all to experience the Love flowing from the Creator, in the way that I revealed, the New Birth of the soul, achieved through earnest prayer and faith.