Messages 2001

Communication & Mediumship

August 20th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


I am here, Judas.

H.: It is surprising. After our meeting this afternoon, I did not think that we could meet again tonight.

Nothing surprising in that. I told you that I am always with you. And this means that we can always be in direct contact. It only depends on you. Just call me, and I’ll be there. Now you can even visualize me, and this allows you to have a little bit more confidence.

H.: Yes, confidence is the most difficult part. I feel so much insecurity, and I ask myself if my mind is not playing tricks right now. I am scared, I don’t want to commit errors, I don’t want to deceive anybody, including myself.

You need time. Not everything can be developed to perfection overnight. But these are no illusions. You have problems, because my thoughts look the same as your own, that is, you cannot distinguish them. But we are talking, and this you realize. Another problem is that you do not know how to control your mind. Your thoughts come like a torrent, everything at once, all unordered. We can deal with subjects, discuss your questions, but you need to learn to formulate everything clearly, and then we will proceed to treat your questions one by one.

H.: Supposedly we are talking soul to soul, so I’ve been told. But what has this to do with my mind?

The impressions arriving at your soul, you transform them automatically in thoughts, into your thoughts. I told you that the moment when the soul takes control is when the spirit is ready to enter the seventh sphere. You are still fixed on your material mind; you still have to go a long, long way.

H.: And in this translation, in this formulation into words, there lies the danger of errors sneaking in?

Exactly. It is then when your own thoughts mix with mine. And it can even happen that you don’t translate my thoughts at all, and the output is what you want to come out. You have to practice. This communication is not perfect, but it is the only one we have at our disposition.

H.: Did Padgett find the same problems?

Don’t think of Padgett now, or of the other mediums. All men are different, all their perceptions are different, and the mediumship of each medium is different. You are a unique case, as everyone else is a unique case. Don’t think of this right now.

We will spend happy moments together. You will go through wonderful experiences, seeing things you have never seen before.

H.: Are you telling me that I will leave my body and travel in the spirit, as it were, like an astral voyage?

No, not at all. But what I see, I can project onto your mind, so that you may see it, too. The sharpness of your vision will depend on our rapport, on your condition. Look right now, you are totally tense, your body is all cramped. You relaxed in order to establish rapport with me, and now after a few moments you are all tense. This is not good, so relax.

Now it is better. And now you are thinking of a specific question, and we will deal with it. Harvin asked about his daughter, who never was born. You know that there are a few messages on the subject. Show them to him. But in order to give him an immediate answer right now, I want you to tell him the following:

Babies who die before being born or a few days after their birth are received by special spirits, who take care of their formation. They are good spirits, and many times succeed to start those babies along the Divine Path.

He also asked if he could see her one day. This depends on the link of love between the parents and their baby. Many parents simply forget, others try to displace the recollection from their memory, because it is a sad recollection, and they don’t want it to interfere with their lives. This is very understandable from a psychological point of view, but in all these cases, the love link does not exist any more, and the spirits in charge of the babies’ education and care do not try to establish it. If it does not exist, no artificial link will be created. On the other hand, if there is a loving connection, those spirits stimulate the baby’s participation, in some way, in their parents life. This means the babies spend much time with their parents, they are well informed about their doings and their life, and one day when the parents themselves pass over, the “babies”, who normally are not babies any more, receive them and prepare a wonderful welcome to the spirit world for them.

The rupture of family links is not tragic. You have heard that in the spirit world those links will be kept up during some period of time, but then, little by little, they disappear. They are replaced by another form of nexus, determined by the Law of Attraction. The biological family looses its significance. Lastly, we are all brothers and sisters, and material biology, as you know it on earth, has no utility here.

Yes, he also said that the baby still had no name. But tell him that here even the names loose their importance. Names in this form do not exist any more.

H.: I don’t understand this well. How do you identify persons without names?

Some day I will explain it to you. But now, this is not the moment to do so.

You have to work on your mediumship. You must pray. I know, you do pray, but you must pray more, and with more I’m referring to intensity. You have achieved already something very important: a certain opening up of your soul. We can meet easily. But depth is lacking. If you wish profound information, you must have the corresponding disposition.

H.: Will I receive formal messages?

You’ve already received two. Besides, what is a formal message? We are chatting, and despite the little formality of our encounter, you have already received a lot of information.

H.: But there is something more I do not understand. How do those babies look like who die? I mean, their spirit body. Babies on earth grow, develop, through their food they receive, the body shapes in some way until the child has become an adult. Afterwards, there continues a gradual process of decay. But the spirit body….

The spirit body is the expression of the soul. In some way, it betrays the soul’s condition.

It is not hard to imagine that the soul of a baby has not much development, and that it practically lacks any experience, both positive and negative, of earth life, and this experience always leaves characteristic footprints. But it is a pure soul. Hence, also the spirit body is bright, but shows clearly its “immaturity”, that is, its lack of development and experience.

As the soul progresses in its formation, this progress is reflected in the spirit body’s appearance. In some way, these babies enjoy a big advantage, because they have the opportunity to return to the spirit world in their pristine form. But, on the other hand, their lack of earthly experience is a disadvantage.

H.: They have advantage and disadvantage, after all, it is just…

Do’t talk about just or unjust. We live in a world where justice finds no room, it is a world of love, either the love of man, or the Divine Love, but love and justice have nothing in common. Justice is a human invention. God is not justice, He is Love. If you don’t understand this, you cannot comprehend God. 1

Give me a hug, I have to say good-bye now. We have shared much today. Each day has its task, and we must not overdo it.

Good night, and may God bless you,

Your brother,



1 See an explanation about God and Justice in this message.


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