Messages 2010

Inherited Negativity and Original Sin.

September 21st, 2010.

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me channel a message on a subject that has perplexed you, and that is, the comparison of inheriting negativity with the concept of original sin. You have felt they really are the same thing. They are not. Original sin teaches that the original purity and goodness of humanity was permanently altered by the sin of the first parents, and that the only way for humanity to regain its high estate is to believe in Jesus’ atoning sacrifice on the cross.

The fact that infants absorb the negativities of ancestors and living adults is just that, with no identification with the first parents’ behavior. It simply conveys this negativity to their soul. Furthemore, every person has the ability and the power to reverse this negativity, without any belief in the cross, and without any reference to the first parents.

Original sin says that sin came into the world through the first parents’ sin of pride. Well, yes, I see your point. They did establish a pattern. But humanity is not doomed to sin by this first fall; rather, humanity suffers from unfortunate choices, which prevailing social and cultural attitudes enforce. So if you want to give a cause to sin, this cause is not original sin; the cause is simply ignorance.