Messages 2008

Jesus’ Early Life.

August 18th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me write about my early life. I had a yearning feeling in my soul ever since I was an infant. I actually retain memories of this. But of course, as an infant, I could not identify what it was about, at least in my mind.

My parents were very gentle and indulgent toward me, for I was well behaved and lovable, as they have told me. They have each said that of all their children, I was the one who gave them the least trouble, and who evidenced most those feelings of filial devotion that were prominent in my personality.

The connection to my mission began when I started to learn in Egypt about my Jewish faith. It was very popular for the Jews at that time to seek a leader. Having heard this over and over, I very early began to wonder if I had some special purpose in life. The unconditional support of my parents was a tremendous boost to my confidence, and this gave me the ability to think of myself in a different way from others, and to explore areas of life that usually were ignored. In fact, growing up, I had a great deal of leisure time to ponder about my life and about life in general.

My relationship with God was intimate since birth. There was never a time in my life that I did not feel close to God, and before the time of cognition, the great love and care of my parents gave me a very healthy feeling that I was truly loved. So this transferred to God as soon as my mind could grasp the concept of a Supreme Being. But my soul always knew that God Loved me. What I mean by transfer is that my infant mind equated the two loves.

I expressed to my parents many times in my mortal life how grateful I was for this great love and support. So that when my father and I clashed, there actually was no love lost; in fact, my father’s desire to have me follow a different path arose purely out of his love for me. He just couldn’t understand what I represented. In fact, nobody really could. And I understood perfectly well that my father loved me.

Yes, children are very intuitive and psychic, and know many things which they later forget. So you can say that I always knew God.

When my childhood mind grasped the concept of God, there never was a conflict or a doubt with my soul. So that when I started school, I already understood, in a psychic, soulful way, many things taught in the Torah.

You have learned that the mind, for all its wonderful construction and amazing ability, is, after all, an appendage to the soul. My own childhood mind never really battled with my soul. My parents’ great love and support prevented this from happening. And also, I was completely connected to God from the very beginning. So the parental love and God’s Love worked together to nurture and strengthen my soul.

You channeled me correctly. Let me clarify. It is true that I always had an intimate connection to God. In my comments about my mind at the beginning of life, I was simply affirming that my mind developed normally, just like other young minds. But my soul always knew about God.

I was truly nurtured by my parents, as a wonderful provision from God. My mind did not go down a divergent path. It stayed in harmony with my soul. This gave me a very strong psychological foundation which integrated my psyche and personality, and gave me the capacity to reach out to life and go my own unique way.

God had watched over my life from the beginning, so He provided loving, caring parents who nurtured me as an infant and a child.

I am making the point that my young life, as every new young life, needed to be nurtured by parental figures.