Messages 2009

Clarification - 2.

December 28th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me comment on what I channeled three days ago. In times of trouble, people respond in different ways. Certainly, there is often emotional turmoil and misplaced anger. But there is also what I have implied, a shifting perspective on what really matters in life.

A similar situation happened in my time. One of the reasons I was so popular in my ministry is because the times enabled my message to be received more readily, even though it was not fully understood. Since people have a soul, when circumstances are difficult, this enables the essential things of life - the things of the soul - to stand out more vividly. You are aware that at funerals, people are laid bare to the essentials of life. And after my death, my disciples were vulnerable through fear and grief. This enabled them to have an opening in their soul, so that at the Pentecost, the Divine Love could find a receptacle in their soul.

Since so many Americans cannot indulge in the consumer culture as they were accustomed to, and since many Americans are good-hearted and decent, these adverse circumstances are acting as a stimulus for these good people to strengthen their soul. Difficult times test people, and many withstand the test through demonstrations of character, virtue, and courage. This positive slant on the current reality in your country is simply reality.