Messages 2007

Jesus discusses Abortion - 2.

September 19th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California. U.S.A.

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I come this afternoon to discuss a subject which I see has troubled you, the case in abortion where the mother’s life is endangered.

Yes, this is a very difficult situation. How can it be a terrible sin to abort a fetus in these conditions?

In the instances of pregnancy as a result of criminal behavior, it is easier for you to accept the idea that the baby should be brought to term and then given away, to be taken care of by others, should the mother not want the baby. But if the mother’s very life is endangered, how could it be a terrible sin?

Well, first of all, let me say that instances of this kind are relatively uncommon. You then argue, but there is a very important principle nevertheless.

Abortion is clearly the taking of a human life. I want to make that point clear. And even if the soul has not yet entered the fetus at the time of the abortion, that potential is inevitable - the fetus would eventually have a soul anyway. So it is immaterial to argue that the fetus is not wholly human if it does not have the soul implanted at the time of its abortion.

I am emphasizing this crucial point in relation to the subject at hand. Every human life is valuable and sacred.

I cannot answer this concern directly. I am not being evasive. I am making the point that in whatever life-threatening situations human beings find themselves in, the Creator takes into account the whole life and the motives of the persons concerned.

One reason why I can’t answer directly is that each situation is completely unique, and every person has his or her own set of motives and life history. So that in a difficult situation where the mother’s life is at stake, those concerned will have to make certain decisions.

All I am saying is that the life of the fetus should enter the equation as well.

I can’t answer directly because I am not God. Also, we all are accountable for all the unique events which we choose.

In impossible situations, God is there. In a situation where the mother’s life is threatened, it is natural to want to save the mother’s life, regardless of the safety of the fetus. The result of each of these decisions goes into the soul state that those people are accountable for.

So my purpose is to bring to the consciousness of mortals the facts I have here described. What they do in each individual circumstance becomes a part of their soul. And in each case, the reaping follows the sowing. I am not condemning; I just want to make the objective point that whatever we do has consequences for ourselves and others.

I have not judged nor taken sides, as each person has to make those decisions which life presents.


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