Messages 2003


May 22nd, 2003

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven,

In our circles we’re having discussions about accuracy of mediumship, and we’re seeking guidance on how this controversy can be harmoniously resolved. Is there a way to determine whether the message is “spot on” or which parts contain “truth” and which statements are not true? I don’t know if I’m in condition to receive an angel’s thoughts clearly, especially since I have been entertaining doubts about my clarity for a quite a while, but I’m willing to try. I’d like to be able to serve you in this way if I am qualified to channel truthful information from Celestial spirits. I want to know the truth. I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. Amen.


Yes, my dear sister in Christ, it has been quite a long time since you have been willing to sit and receive a message from your angels who surround you and are ever so willing to put in a good word now and then.

You don’t need to wait until we knock on your door, you have the invitation to do the knocking whenever you are so moved by your love to receive our thoughts. It takes us a lot less time and effort to ready ourselves for this process than it does for you to get ready. So, please, never feel that it is an imposition upon us to stop whatever it is we’re doing to take the time to deliver our thoughts through one of our loving channels.

We know your thoughts and desires. We know your motives and intentions. We can see your love being activated and know when it’s not active. The clarity of a medium’s message is dependent upon all these factors, and, of course, depending upon the medium’s condition at the time, this would explain the variance of truth contained in each message.

Questions to ask yourself: Are there many other things going on in your life at the moment which may tend to distract you from being clear? Are you upset about some material crisis that is causing interruption and not allowing you to put aside your thoughts thoroughly enough to allow our thoughts to come through clearly?

As you have commented on previous occasions, a message may have a great deal of appeal to someone while it might be of little interest to another. It can only be determined by the individual what he or she might find useful to their soul development at that particular time.

Everyone is on her own spiritual pathway; each step needs to be taken one by one. If you try to go around a block and ignore a negative attitude or residue from an earlier experience, these blocks and memories will need to be dealt with sometime. There is no criticism in this need to get on with your life, especially when it is difficult and painful to face certain things. These can be dealt with at a later time when one is more prepared or willing to accept the work which is yet to be done to progress through and beyond this particular situation; be it memories of past hurts, blocks or walls that were created to protect yourself from facing and dealing with the “painful truth.”

Whatever you have come to believe about your present condition can be changed if you have a sincere and honest desire to change it. You should know this because you believe and have faith in the power of God’s Love to heal any manner of sickness, disease, or negativity. There is no excuse to hold onto discomfort of any kind. Any thought that it is less painful to stay where you are than to face the truth is just not sensible when you know that you have the power of God’s Love in your soul.

How to determine the truth contained in a message is up to the individual who is reading that message because certain people on certain levels of development will be able to be helped a great deal more from a message that might not contain high degrees of spiritual truth.

We, including you, are interested in helping people progress from the point they presently find themselves needing to evolve from. If you try to explain to them “Who and what is God,” for example, they may not be able to absorb what you’re trying to explain to them. Give your love to each individual soul and you will be motivated by that love to give to them the exact words they need to hear to take the next steps in their spiritual development. What I’m trying to say here is that sometimes messages with less truth content can be more helpful than messages of truth which are totally beyond the grasp of an individual.

My dear beloved children of our Heavenly Creator, be patient with yourselves. Be kind, giving, accepting, and loving. Love yourselves. Pray for God’s Love to increase in your souls and you will continue to grow and change and become more divine, happy, fulfilled, and enabled to do the right things to aid in your growthful development.

I love you each and every child of my loving Father in Heaven. You create your own destiny by the choices you make. It’s a good idea to make loving choices at all times.

I will close my message for today, and thank you for allowing me to channel my thoughts through you. I am your friend and brother in the Spirit of God’s Love made manifest in my soul, Jesus the Christ.