Messages 2008

Jesus’ Economic Program.

November 9th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I want to discuss this morning my economic program. Just as I had a political agenda, so I also had an economic agenda. My early death and the turmoil of the time prevented me from furthering it in my person, but my disciples understood full well how I felt, and instituted my economic program by sharing everything in common, as the Bible teaches. For I taught them that if they were to be faithful to God, they had to share and be generous with not only each other, but with the whole world.

I know that you have been greatly bewildered and frustrated by the fact that your country, the United States, has been largely a Christian country, and yet it has fostered an economic system that is completely based on selfishness and greed, which is directly contrary to my message. And this system has fiercely opposed socialism and communism, even though, from your perspective, these systems, at least in their professings, want the same thing I wanted - a complete sharing of all resources, in which the whole people, and not just a greedy few, are able to be in charge of how economic resources are allocated and shared.

So in order to comfort you and all those like you who yearn for a happy and just world, I say to you, with all the emphasis and conviction I am capable of, that the reign of greed, selfishness, and tyranny is only for a moment, for God will arrange circumstances in such a way that these negative forces will be defeated, and a world of justice and sharing will be made possible.

My economic program was centered on love. I taught that the things we all need to sustain life come from the Creator, and that an economy must be mindful of the needs of all concerned. I also taught, in keeping with my beautiful Jewish tradition, that those who have more are obligated to share their abundance with those less fortunate.

You acknowledge fully that communism did not work because the communist party became the ruling elite, which contradicted Karl Marx’s teachings. And you also feel that socialism is naive. But you are also very unhappy with the system in place. You feel it has become pathological.

Well, a way out will be found. You yourself were able to extricate yourself from the charged and ultimately self-defeating debate between capitalism and communism. You have felt that a brand-new system is called for, one in which there will be love, fairness, and justice. And that is exactly what we are preparing. It will use elements of the present system but will avoid the excesses of greed and selfishness that currently plague it.