Messages 2010

The Relative Importance of Politics and Economics.

October 16th, 2010

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, your confusion comes from the fact that you had the impression that nothing outside of soul development in the Divine Love commands our attention.

Well, there is a great truth in this, for this will always be our ultimate concern. Politics and economics, though important, are seen by us as only incidental to the soul’s progress. So you can see that we cannot possibly be sidetracked by these important concerns.

Do I have a program for humanity in regard to politics and economics? Yes, I do, but it will always be merely secondary to my teachings of the Divine Love and the New Birth. This approach mirrors my teachings of the development of the natural love for those who might reject the Divine pathway.

I continue to love mortals, and the present worldwide crisis requires our attention. But as we work with the good non-Divine Love spirits to arrange the earthplane, our priorities are always what I have said. This is consistent with my sayings in the New Testament.

Mortals have a soul that needs to be fed with the Bread of Life, so they must be taught how to negotiate the Earth life so their soul benefits. That is the essence of my program for economics and politics. I felt, when I was preaching on Earth, that every aspect of a mortal’s life should be dedicated to, and should reflect, the things of God. But I was cut down before I could do much to affect the Jewish society I inhabited. And this all-embracing concern of the Divine has always been distinctly Jewish.