Messages 2014

Advice from Jesus

May 13th, 2014 (but received 2006)

Prescott, Arizona

Received by Joseph


I am here, Jesus -


As I already mentioned, please pray diligently, faithfully and constantly for the continuing inflow of this Love …. Divine Love will not stop….and only you can prevent it from transforming you into a new creation.

In the early days, after receiving the initial inflow of Divine Love, many people are enthusiastic of the experience of the inflowing of Divine Love but soon they grow tired, weary and very forgetful to maintain their attention to continue to ask and seek for more. Thus, this is the important message I have for you today…do not cease in your hunger and thirst for God’s Great Love…keep Divine Love fresh and alive for yourself through daily prayers and the yearnings of your heart for more. There is a river and it flows free and full…allow this to be a fresh vision within your heart, Joseph. You do recognise these words, do you not? Yes, those words you spoke and wrote about in your book “Gentle River Flowing” and they were a gift from me…Hold these words close to your heart and see again that they are true…The river flows, you are the vessel.


Note by Webmaster: This message was received 22 days after Joseph first became aware of the existence of the Divine Love. That was on May 17th, 2006. This is just an extract, as the rest of the message is personal. But the advice given here is universal.