Messages 2004

The Equality of God’s Love.

December 17, 2004

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


I am here to write to you, my dear family in Christ, and I am John, the apostle of Jesus. This is a name that places me in some context in history, but I wish to let you know that I am simply your brother and coworker in this great and wonderful work of living the Divine Love.

It is important to me that you understand that I am your equal in that God’s love shines upon each of you with just as much light and desire flowing from this great and lovely Soul, and that I need your love and support as much as you may feel the need for mine. Just because I have had a few years more than you to pray for and receive this Gift of eternal Love does not mean that I am more deserving or qualified to become the child of immortality, for you, too, are held in God’s Soul as His Own.

I am going to pass the pencil over to my brother, and I ask you to consider the love that he brings to you this day.

I am here, my dear sister, and I am your friend and brother in spirit, Jesus. I come to let you all know how much I love you and appreciate you for your faith and devotion. But, even in this, when you may show your imperfection and error in judgment, my love for you does not wane because God has implanted in my soul an ability to see the truth of your condition and the potential each of you possess to become the beloved of God. Well, yes, my sister, you are all beloved by God just as you are, but it is the eyes of soul that will open up for you this vista that I describe, where your faith will never fail you and you will understand fully how love has touched every living thing created by this Holy One.

I speak now of the possibility that you will see the greatness of every human soul, even when that soul is defiled by sin and error – for these things are only a moment to God, a blink – and when the darkness clears, the truth will be revealed to you that all that is created in love is good.

I make this point to help you understand the importance of each of you to the economy of Love’s unfolding its plan to help bring every human being to the awareness of his and her own goodness and worthiness. It is your love and example of faith in the power of its real presence that will lift every eye to see the truth.

I am also only your brother, and I am happy for my personal relationship which each of you enjoy with me and with others who have accompanied me in these spheres of love.

I love you, my family. I am always with you in your time of need, and I support you with my faith that nothing will divide our souls from one another, for we are joined in eternal life through the Love of God. I am your friend and companion in Christ, Jesus.