Messages 2007

Spirits who assisted Jesus.

September 30, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

You read in a Padgett message that I said:

“My development in the knowledge of the truths which I taught during my public ministry was caused by my inner spiritual faculties, and my teacher was God, who, through His angels and through my soul perceptions, caused to come to me those truths, or rather the knowledge of them, and in no other way did I obtain it.”

You have learned that my teacher was God, directly, and that no mortal or spirit before me possessed the Divine Love. So then, the phrase “through His angels” confuses you. Let me explain.

Certain spirits were indeed given knowledge of God’s Plan regarding salvation in the Divine Love, though they knew that I was destined to be the one in which this Love was first reinstated, and that I would also embody It.

To understand the situation, it is important for you to realize that I was certainly not left to my own devices when I began my mission. Since I had the full support of the Creator, He naturally provided for my needs. So what I am saying is that it is a fact that a band of powerful spirits watched over me and protected me at every moment of my career, up to my death.

This knowledge of God’s Plan possessed by these spirits is only logical to assume, for how could these spirits have assisted me if they were totally ignorant of God’s Plan?

As soon as they learned about the Divine Love, they started praying for It, and received it, when it was possible to do so. But none of them reached the New Birth before I did.

The word “angel” in the original Padgett message has its original meaning of “messenger.”

As far as the Divine Love was concerned, I was always the chief possessor, but being a mortal, I was subject to the laws of the mortal life, and required the assistance of these spirits in other ways. They were very powerful and wise, and knew exactly how to fulfill my needs. But they also needed to have at least a working knowledge of the purpose of my mission. So even though God was my direct teacher, I was also assisted by this band, whom God used to provide for me.

There were certain spiritual insights that only God could supply, but in other ways, He used these spirits to assist me.

Once I was in full possession of the Truth, these spirits learned from me as well as from God.

It is one thing to hear about the Divine Love, but it is quite another to possess It. As you well know, none of my disciples understood this Love and Its significance until the great Pentecost.

In the case of my spirit band, they were not encumbered by earthplane limitations and error, so they understood the Truth much better than my disciples.

Just as I had a powerful effect on mortals, so I also had a powerful effect on spirits, many of whom followed my lead in pursuing the Divine pathway. But of these obedient spirits, some were specially designated to assist me in a more direct way. They accepted this mission gladly.

So, in summary, this spirit band did assist me in my knowledge of my mission, in addition to providing for my other needs. But there were certain insights that only God could explain.