Messages 2007

War and Peace and God’s Plan 4.

December 28, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me comment on my channeling of December 26, 2006, War and Peace and God’s Plan 2.

You were disturbed when I seemed to imply that God took sides in both world wars. Your reading has taught you that there was wrong done on both sides. You learned that President Roosevelt was initially even supportive of Mussolini.

As the Bible teaches, when people do evil, they get caught in their own net. In the case of Adolf Hitler, his lost sense of mental balance impelled him to invade the Soviet Union, thus creating the conditions for him losing the war. The aggression of Germany in the First World War set up similar conditions.

But for you, this contradicts the original thought in the Padgett message, that we Celestial Angels don’t care about the defeat of nations, and care instead about individuals.

The idea you are not grasping is that this does not contradict what Mr. Padgett received. It simply expands upon another idea, that, as Jeremiah, other prophets, and I perceived, God does fashion history even though He does not and will not ever violate human free will.

Country leaders are just as subject to the moral laws as ordinary citizens. But because the former are in a position of authority to guide their nation, they incur certain penalties if they violate these moral laws, and thus can bring their nation down with them.

So in other words, what I am discussing is a different thought, an expansion and exploration of God’s role in history. And in that role, the Creator always seeks to guide the individuals toward harmony with His laws.