Messages 2008

The Shock Doctrine and Its Defeat.

November 12th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

You have just finished reading the chapter in The Shock Doctrine [a book by Naomi Klein about how the American empire sustains its wealth through violence, and by destroying countries] about the total disaster caused by application of the system’s policies in Iraq. You are outraged and cannot see how such severe problems can ever be resolved. Furthermore, the book has taught you that this has happened in country after country - it is now a worldwide phenomenon.

But God has seen the sufferings of humanity. And just as He waited for the appropriate time before He sent Moses to rescue His people, so He will administer a solution that will stop this horrifying process. Once it is stopped, then the process of healing will begin. Obviously, it will not happen in a day. But the process will be reversed so humanity will be able to progress toward what the Creator intends - a world where justice and love predominate, and not cruelty and greed.

You have had flashes of insight that indicate that out of the ruins of the present will rise a glorious future, and such insights are accurate because they come from the Creator.

Keep in mind that no matter how horrifying and overwhelming situations may become, nothing, but nothing can suppress the human spirit. In fact, in times of dislocation and violence, the will to endure and prevail actually becomes stronger, so that when the system is finally stopped, there will be an explosion of joy all over the planet, and the work of reconstruction will then begin in earnest. This will all occur in the Creator’s perfect timing. And when it does, the whole world will know it and will rejoice.