Messages 2003

Glide on the wave of change.

July 10th, 2003

New York

Received by C.C.


I am here Jesus. I come to you today with my love extended to you and all of my brothers and sisters in the flesh that are working to bring heaven to earth. Yes you have received the suggestion well, to receive a message from a celestial spirit.

What I wish to discuss today is the need for God’s children to place themselves in a higher receptive state in order to understand the circumstances that surrounds them. It is well known that God’s spiritual laws will work out their effects when God’s aspiring children are seeking to develop their souls and manifest the Christ spirit, by holding loving thoughts and desires, and applying these in their actions, as a way of being, and nurturing the qualities of their souls that are trying to manifest in their lives.

You have all been receiving God’s essence and this essence beats within you to make itself known and to bring about the highest desired result. The problem is that you are neglecting the promptings of your being, and following through with what your mind is dictating, thinking that it has all the answers to where it is that one should be going. I am not saying this to put blame on anyone, but to bring your attention to your consciousness, how easy it is to lose your sight on the greater prize. Holding a desire to extend your love in all your activities, be they in thought or act, will allow the laws to unfold in a more harmonious way. Change is inevitable and when a child has partaken of the Divine Material, change is more pronounced and the child is placed in an elevated state of change. I tell you this because many of you are experiencing much discomfort in your everyday lives, even over things that are seemingly trivial in nature. These are growing pains, and if you would pray to glide on the wave of change you will find that the changes that are taking place, will be more harmonious [and] to your liking.

You must know that your souls have the greater and purer desire of what is best for you and you need only to find a quiet place to listen to your true self and then be informed of what it is you truly desire. The laws are responding to your true nature and one would best listen to what the soul and its qualities are saying. Have patience with yourselves, desire to come to God in prayer and listen to your souls more closely. The changes are a reflection of what is true in your heart. God is perfect and His answer to prayer is perfect. Know this and trust that each event is bringing you closer to God. This is the promise of Love.

The more you receive God’s Love, the more the changes that will be brought into existence, and you need only embrace them and know that it is in response to your true desires, which are coming into accord with the Father’s Will. Place yourselves in rapport with the Father’s Love and find these changes that are causing discomfort, transforming into a thing desired for and embraced. I am happy to have shared my thoughts with you and look for the opportunity to come again. I leave you with my love and pray that the Father’s love will fill you in abundance.