Messages 2008

War and Human Choice.

March 14th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

You are puzzled because your channelings have said that spirits have suffered or not suffered based on the intentions or motives of their heart. Then, you realize that the Nazis wanted a better world. So where is the truth?

The answer is that it is the intention TO HARM OR NOT TO HARM OTHERS that is the primary factor. The fascist way of thinking justifies harming, even killing others because that is how they think they will accomplish their objectives.

But in war situations, brought on by this ugly perversion of truth, many have chosen kindness, courage, and self-sacrifice. In other words, these noble souls have chosen not to resort to violence.

You are aware, for example, that in World War II, some felt that the best way to defeat the Nazis was to kill them all, while others felt that kindness to the Nazis, in the spirit of loving one’s enemies, was the most appropriate response.

And your channelings have contrasted Cotton Mather, who agonized over his unfortunate choices in the Salem witch trials, with Oliver Cromwell, who suffered more than Cotton Mather because Cromwell’s intention was simply to destroy the Irish.

God is fair, and if mortals harm others, these mortals must suffer for what they have done in order to preserve the moral balance of humanity’s universe. It makes no difference if these fanatics justify what they do in the name of God - the result is that they have harmed and killed others, and that is a moral offense for which they are accountable.

If a mortal has true kindness in his or her heart, that kindness will be recognized and honored by God.

The world has been informed of the career of the Nazi Oskar Schindler, who saved many Jewish lives in the Holocaust.

My point is that it is not the specific belief that principally determines one’s fate - it is the way that belief is acted out. And so, as the above paragraphs reveal, a believer in God can commit atrocities that bring darkness and suffering, while a professed Nazi can save many innocent lives. This does not pervert belief in God, nor does it justify Nazism, for no matter what belief system a person has, that person is accountable for his or her words and actions and how these affect others; as the Bible says, by your fruits, ye shall know them.