New birth

Messages 2005

Planting the Seed.

October 12, 2005

Troup, Texas

Received by D.B.


You may begin now my brother. Your lovely sister Zara has asked the question; how we, the Celestials teach of the Father’s Love to the seeking soul of the natural spheres?

As you know Dan, the law of attraction is what brings us into contact with a seeking soul. We do not preach or teach others who do not already have a desire for God’s Love. I know it sounds paradoxical that a seeking soul could desire the Father’s Love previous to their knowledge of the same.

When the Heavenly Father rebestowed His Divine Love back to His children, personified in my teachings, He also sent another messenger before me. Yes, before I came to a knowledge of the Divine Love when I became an adult, the Father’s Love was already rebestowed as I had been seeking with my soul’s desires for His Divinity. Something very special happened when the Heavenly Father rebestowed His Divine Love. An Angel was sent into the world of mortals and spirit, planting into the soul of every man, woman and child a knowledge of the soul’s potentiality for Divinity.1 No stone was unturned, as God reached out to all His children and planted within each soul, a knowledge of it’s potentiality for at-onement with it’s Creator. You have asked Dan; what were some of the functions of God’s Angels, and here you have one of the most perfect examples of “Messenger”.

So it was upon that inner knowledge that had been planted into my soul that as I matured as a young boy and prayed to my Father and read the Torah, did I come into a greater understanding through my soul’s perceptions of my Father’s Love.

All of you who seek the Father’s Love can search your souls beginnings and look to similar experiences at recognizing or realizing something that you acknowledged as an inner knowing of the Father’s Love. When you read the Padgett works and were told about the Divine Love, something in your soul resonated with this knowledge as you had already been instructed in the ways of the Father’s Love before you were born in the flesh.

So when we hear the prayers and desires of the heart of the seeker for the Father’s Love we are drawn through the Law of Attraction to that soul. Many who seek the Father’s Love in their soul’s longings need further guidance and instruction as they haven’t developed in their soul’s perceptions to understand what they are seeking. The knowledge that they possess is like a seed that contains within itself an intelligence of it’s potential however must be nurtured and developed to grow beyond it’s potential into fruit.

When we venture into the natural spheres, it is to those spheres of soul desire that we are attracted to help developing souls come into a greater knowledge of their soul’s potential in the Father’s Love. We seldom go where we are not wanted or desired for it would be to no purpose to teach those who do not have ears to hear.

And so it is with you that the Law of Attraction will draw you to those individuals who seek within their hearts for the Father’s Love. Many do not understand what they seek or long for as it is based on an inner knowledge of their soul that they have not yet developed in their soul’s perceptions to understand what it is they seek.

This is the way that I teach of the Father’s Love and the way that all of the Celestial Angels follow as well as this is according to my Father. We are ministering Angels of His Love and follow the path of Gods’ Laws in response to how we interact with all of God’s Children.

Your brother in Christ, Jesus


1 This sounds exactly like the arrival of Thought Adjusters also known as Father Fragments in the Urantia Book. This subject is covered in more depth as the Indwelling Spirit. G.J.C.