Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2005


Author Title Date of Message
Walt Whitman Walt Whitman and Native Americans. January 4th, 2005
Walt Whitman Walt Whitman’s Mysticism and Personal Experiences in Spirit. January 5th, 2005
Unknown You Can’t Go Wrong with Divine Love. January 7th, 2005
Stephen Foster Mental Illness and Music in the Spirit World. January 9th, 2005
Andrew Gold & Silver Surrounds You January 19th, 2005
Jesus Compassion and the Gift of Choice. March 26th, 2005
Jesus Fulfillment as an Attribute of Love. May 7, 2005
John The Country of Love. May 22, 2005
Peter Spread the Truth through Love. May 23, 2005
Aman The First Experiment. June 5, 2005
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln and War. June 30, 2005
Louis XIV The Unhappiness of Louis XIV July 12, 2005
Anne Frank Anne Frank’s Happiness. July 16, 2005
Jesus The Magic of the Laws. July 22, 2005
Mary Love is the Reality We Seek. July 24, 2005
Mary A gift to God. September 3, 2005
Mala Early Native American Spirituality. September 11, 2005
Jesus Keep the message on Love. October 7, 2005
John The soul’s natural intelligence. October 9, 2005
Jesus Planting the Seed. October 12, 2005
Buddha The Buddha is very happy. November 7, 2005
Leslie Stone Leslie Stone is way up there. November 7, 2005
Jesus Does Mother Earth react to human negativity? November 11, 2005
Jesus The Joy of Divine Love Day. December 13, 2005
James the lessor Guide the Way. December 13, 2005
Michelangelo Renaissance Artisan. December 18, 2005
John Wilkes Booth Murder is forgiven. December 31, 2005
Abraham Lincoln The True Spirit of Forgivenness. December 31, 2005