Messages 2005

The True Spirit of Forgivenness.

December 31, 2005

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Abraham Lincoln.

I come to confirm the message you have just received from my assassin. In my heart, I did not hate. The war unnerved me, to be sure. But sustaining me was a conviction about the preservation of the Union, that not even death could undo. And when I entered this world of spirits, I could not help feeling joyous that the great ordeal of life, and specifically the at times unbearable pressures that assailed me, were gone forever. Naturally, I grieved for my family and for the grief my death caused to others. But I had learned that life was based on higher principles, and to these higher principles, I cleaved. They gave me the strength to love my enemy.

I did not have a clear idea at all at what awaited me. Many things were strange. But what was not strange was the survival over here of all those things I held dear on Earth.

My fondest wishes for a new year of happiness and true success is my desire for you.

Sincerely, Abraham Lincoln


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