Messages 2005

Murder is forgiven.

December 31, 2005

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, John Wilkes Booth [the assassin of Abraham Lincoln].

You are now channeling a spirit who realized soon enough the terrible deed he committed. Yes, as soon as I entered this world of spirits, I repented of my action in bringing to a close a life that could have done so much more good to my country. Yes, the realization was fast, for in this world of nakedness, we can see with different eyes and a different mind. And so, I knew what awaited me. And no pen can describe the tortures that were mine.

But, as you so correctly guessed, I eventually escaped out of my dark and unhappy condition. And it was the man I killed who came to me with nothing but love and a desire to help me, and who confided to me that his life had been a great burden, which death had relieved. And when I realized what type of person he really was, I could not bear to face the awful reality. And yet I had to face it.

I see you are deeply moved by this. It is all truly channeled. I know how much you have respected and loved him, as have almost all your countrymen. But that love and respect are completely valid and accurate. I did not imagine that such goodness could exist.

You are thinking that this channeling is your own thoughts, but it is not. You reason that fanaticism does not yield to Truth so quickly. But after the deed was done, I became a fugitive, hunted like a wild animal, and wounded. In this vulnerable position, I gradually came to feel differently about my life in general. And when the summons came, I was in a very different frame of mind than I was in planning the assassination and then committing it. These sorts of unfortunate conditions can change a man. Granted, this doesn’t always happen. But it happened to me. And I now see it as the work of God, who prepared my soul for the great expiation that followed.

So see yourself with a true perspective. Give to things their proper proportion. Go not down the path of self-condemnation, but love yourself. And with that love, have faith in a Creator who could forgive even one such as I.

I see that this channeling has had a profound, beneficial effect on you. That was my intention. I will let you now digest the holiness of this message.

As a new year is about to begin, I say to you and the whole world, let love and not hate be the reality of Earth, is the prayer of your friend,

John Wilkes Booth.


A message from Abraham Lincoln