Messages 2005

The Joy of Divine Love Day.

December 13, 2005

Melbourne, Australia

Received by N.A.


It is I, Jesus of the Celestial Heaven.

I shall begin this message by firstly saying how much we of the Celestial Heaven and Divine Love sphere enjoyed Divine Love Day. The day given by the Father enabled you all to experience the joy of the Father in your respective activities and to all share in loving the Father throughout this day. The peacefulness that was present with the Divine Love in your souls is an example of all that we share in these heavens. There were many souls who in these heavens participated and shared in this time with you and it was on this day, that we all rejoiced for the Father was celebrated through all places, the Celestial Heavens, the Divine Love spheres, and on the face of the Earth. This was a most wonderful expression of our Father’s Kingdom and eventual at-oneness of souls in places coming together in Divine Love. To have this seen was a vision of love and a glimpse of what is soon to be more fully recognised. The experience of Divine Love is going to reach many and many more souls will participate on this wonderful day in the years to come.

I would like to send and give you all my blessings for your sincere efforts and self-less participation in our Father’s Divine Love. In deed, on Divine Love Day the light of the Father did shine and was joy for all to see,

Your loving brother,

Jesus of the Celestial Heaven.