Messages 2005

The Magic of the Laws.

July 22, 2005

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


As you so very well know, human beings choose to believe whatsoever they wish, no matter what we have attempted to write. You have been becoming more aware of the myriad of problems around this complication, starting from the many people who believe that spirit/mortal communication is work of a devil that doesn’t exist, to the mediums who claim to be receiving messages from Jesus, to the simple choice to believe or not believe in certain facts no matter how much proof there is of their actuality. So take your questions to your hearts and pray for guidance, and learn to trust your intuition about what is true and what is not.

We can state unequivocally that God is a God of love and never punishes His children. If they break the law of harmony by unloving choices and actions they will have to answer to God’s laws, which have been put into motion to oversee the governance of His children. A person reaps what he sows – there is no magical way to circumvent that law. It may take what seems like a very long time before justice has been achieved, but time (as you know it) doesn’t exist in God’s universe. Nothing goes unnoticed and everything will receive an answer.

God loves to give good gifts to His beloved children – it makes Him feel happy and satisfied that His laws are working so well. But when sadness or pain is attracted due to transgressions, the making of unloving choices, or the harboring of ill will, the consequences are there to help that child come into alignment with truth and love on a broader scale – which includes himself. Sinning against oneself is just as grievous a sin as being unkind and unloving toward any of your brothers and sisters. Sin can very well be described as anything done which isn’t in harmony with love. Motives and intentions are also subject to the workings of God’s laws; and the feelings of subservience toward the control of someone who is stronger or louder is an unloving act toward oneself, and will attract compensation just as surely as any act carried out in an unloving manner.

You (the medium) have been “guilty” of not being aware of your limitations, and for feeling responsible for everything, even though something may be far beyond your control and ability to carry out. If you “overdo” as a result of this false understanding of your limits, you will attract the results which you are experiencing presently (K.S. recently fell and bruised herself).

I don’t want to leave this message open to the mistaken interpretation that we will ever stop trying to get the truth through any and all mediums who are willing to try, no matter how often our truthful and loving words are rejected and twisted, because we have been trying for 2000 years to teach the truth and don’t plan on ever giving up.

The truth is evolving in each person’s understanding according to the development of his soul’s love. And to say that truth never changes is an absolute truth, but as the condition of the human soul develops in natural love or Divine Love, that person’s understanding of truth will develop to higher degrees, and so, necessarily, their understanding of truth changes and evolves.

The natural love is in harmony with the laws of God, and as humankind exercises free will to follow the natural pathway, they will be in harmony with the laws which have governance over their beings as souls created in the perfect image of God. When God has let it be known to His children that His gift of Divine Love can only be received by choice, with a desire to develop a relationship with His Soul (and which thereby develops the highest spiritual potential of one’s soul) then it would follow (knowing that the Creator is a God of Love) that the choice to purify one’s natural love is also a free will choice, and will be honored by God, with His blessings bestowed for the activation of this spiritual adventure.

God blesses all of His children all of the time. If harsh lessons occur there must be a good underlying reason for such a happening. Keep up all your good work, and never allow yourselves to believe that God is anything less than always loving and giving. Open your seeking hearts and loving arms to let Him, His Love, and all His laws to work their magic in your lives every day, and you will rejoice and be happy beyond your wildest dreams.

I love you and will be with you throughout the night, channeling healing energies and love into your injuries. God will continue to bless you without limit or end, and I will be by the sides of many of my devout followers, and many who do not even believe in the Christ Spirit simply because of their devotion to God, alone.

Your friend and brother in Christ,