Messages 2005

A gift to God.

September 3, 2005

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, your friend and guardian. Yes, I am the one who on earth was the mother of Jesus. I am now his sister and colleague in the Divine work of God – that is to love and teach His children of the potential to become at-one with Him in Divine Love.

I am happy that you are aware of my presence, and that you are open to receive a message from me. I wish to share my thoughts about free will and how this gift is used by the individual who aspires to at-onement with the Soul of God.

As you know, the gift of Divine Love, which God holds for all of His children, can only be received by the child who is willing to receive it. This in itself speaks of the wonder of His gift – that it is given freely to the one who aspires for it with sincere longing. There is no measure that can be put upon it, for it exceeds the conceptions of mortal and spirit. It is immortal love that brings to its possessor a living substance that grows with a life of its own and imparts to the soul the deepest and holiest love and peace. But it is merely by seeking with an open heart that this gift is received – no works, no feats of courage, no purity of spirit is required, only the humble seeking of the soul.

Here, let me describe the beauty of that seeking, for it is the free will turned to God that He so cherishes – our own love and longing is the gift that we give to Him. It is not a small gift at all, for He created us to be the greatest of all His handiworks, powerful and pure in our own purpose. We can begin to honor how special our relationship with God’s Soul is when we acknowledge how beautiful we are to Him, and how important our love and troth is. And even more beautiful is the awakening soul to its own divinity, as God’s Love fills it and transforms it into a new being – an angel unparalleled in all the universe, a brilliant star in God’s eye.

Ah, yes, I am being poetic, but that is what love does to us is it not? It inspires us to see the world in a new way that lifts us above the chaotic and mundane struggle of material life, where there is the perception of injustice and poverty. When we see our brothers and sisters on earth suffering the ills of the world we do not see the things they lack, but the potential of their souls to become true children of God, feasting upon the eternal waters of His Love. It is with this reverence and respect that we approach the one who suffers, for he is great despite his physical condition and place. Our sister, Mother Teresa, saw this light of the soul within the suffering and touched that light with her own. Love has a way of finding itself in the smallest acts of kindness and respect, and the exchange of heartfelt gratitude between two people may be among the richest experiences one may have on earth.

So it is that we can lift others up to their own dignity as the beloved of God, whose free will remains intact despite how life appears to trammel the spirit. The human soul will not be broken – this is a most important concept to convey to the suffering. My brothers and sisters, open your soul’s eyes to this gift God has given to all His children. Honor its presence as the magnificent thing it is – feed its power with the knowledge of your own power to turn your longing and desire to the highest love that awaits you.

I am happy with the message, my sister, and thank you for your love and prayer to be a vessel for the spirit of truth. I am Mary, the mother of Jesus.