Messages 2005

Renaissance Artisan.

December 18, 2005

Melbourne, Australia

Received by N.A.


When on Earth I lived an inspired life in what you now call, and what has become known as the Renaissance Period. Although I was subject to the conditions of the day, and was somewhat restricted with my understandings of what I know now, I was wholly committed to the inspirations in my vision. I realised my experience was given from God and inspired by God and my subsequent creations, which I may say required great resolve, fortitude, inner strength, vision, a keen eye and passion to fulfil my masterworks. Although these works were largely conceptual, at the time I did have a very practical side to my nature and an inquisitive mind and I pondered often the source and essence of not only my own existence, but the existence of mankind in general. I would not say that I was religious for I was too broad minded to be pigeon-holed into such a controlling and manipulating force as seen about the day, so I found sanctuary in my creations and felt the full force of creative and artistic grandeur when working on my creations which I am proud to say still exist today.

There were moments when working on my works that I felt very close to God and although this closeness was inspired closeness I never experienced the full realisation of being Loved by God or personalising a Truth about the existence of God as a real living soul. These understandings were not available to me or afforded to me by Angels, however I am pleased that I have contributed to the overall beauty and experience of man that lay their senses upon my works and learn of the hardships from which I created from, for in those days are needed all ones wits and nous to survive when living as an artist of the grand. I particularly love the painting of the eye and the smile for it brought an inner peacefulness to my life, it was that it made me feel wholesome for the soft light that shines from Lisa’s face, and always reminded me of the innocence of life that I dared not lose for this world for this would represent the light in my own life being extinguished. It was also in part a portrait of individual creativity which I loved and was also representative of a love of mine, a far love that was never realised. So as you can see, it meant many things to me as it does to others now and throughout the times.

Upon expiring and arriving in the natural heavens I spent time there, learning of the way life is lived in spirit and met many wonderful souls, mainly other artists who still created and were in existence when I knew them of the Earth and also many others whom I did not know. I also experienced the humility of knowing that although I knew I was great in artistic vision there was a more extended aspect to the continuing existence of life and my being and this led me to inquire and ask questions from some of the other souls who had been in existence here for far longer than I.

Eventually I asked inwardly and soon a most beautiful soul arrived who was glowing a brightness that I believed was not possible and who had the countenance of peace that was all pervading and who stood before me with such reverence that this vision of this individual far surpassed anything that I had seen or created. It was in this moment that I knew very much so that we were different and I inquired as to this difference. I received the knowing from this soul of the Divine Love. The Divine Love I pondered and it was then that I inquired as to the nature of this Divine Love and it was revealed that this Love came from the Father. It was only that I was so inspired by the individual there in front of me that I accepted the religious overtones for such was the beauty that shone from this soul and I knew that I was not in the same way nor had I seen any among my environment that shone with such light and Heavenly position and so I followed the way given and my own inner soul responded to the inflowing of Divine Love.

Even though I was great on Earth and advanced in my natural condition of love, I had to progress like everyone else through the initial spheres of Divine Love where I met souls from all walks of life who had now accepted like I the Divine Love of the Father. The more Divine Love I received the more I loved the Father and the more I left the shadow of my former self behind. The full measure of my natural life fell into perspective and I could see what it had been for what I was at that time, wished in fact that I knew about the Divine Love when I was creating on Earth for I could have included this revelation in my work for mankind to learn of this most beautiful gift from God to the souls of men and women. Knowing about this Divine Love would have given me the truth which would have placed my purpose in context and although I felt that I had a handle on things at the time I could have worked solely from the attribute of Love and ultimately inspire others to receive for themselves the Divine Love of the Father.

I am drawing, excuse the figure of speech, (laughing) close to the light that I saw when first introduced by that most high and glorious soul. I am in the Celestial Heavens and progressing well. I must say that I am still very well respected and other Celestial souls speak openly of the love they have for the work that I did when living as a Renaissance Artisan on Earth in Europe. As you can see I have also learnt English reasonably well and yes I can still communicate when and if necessary in my language of origin (Italian).

I have met Jesus and meeting Jesus sums up everything one needs to know to have confirmation of the existence of the Father’s Divine Love. When he is present or should I say when one is blessed to be in his presence, one feels the Father so strongly and lovingly from the perfect-ness of his soul and being and when he conveys to you of the Father and the Divine Love it is all peaceful and not one of his words is out of harmony with the needs of your own soul. If I could have only painted him on Earth as I see him now the world would see the true light and know the true peace and Salvation of the Way.

I have made many good friends here for we all share in our participation of Divine Love and I still create to express my now love of the Father. Beautiful works to give thanks for the wonderful Divine Love that I have been given and with recognition of the Father and in all humility I would like to say thank you to Nicholas for my being able to write this morning and that as we work together here there are many Celestial souls and some natural souls watching on and listening in and this has been time given for me to write and there is much light here. Time to go now as I have said all that I have desired to say and with all my love I wish to say thank you for all whom have loved my work, Renaissance Artisan, Michelangelo.