Messages 2005

Early Native American Spirituality.

September 11, 2005

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Mala.

I am a Native American who lived thousands of years ago, in what you call prehistory. We had a fairly advanced concept of life, compared to your modern views. People often equate “prehistoric” with “primitive,” but such was not always the case. Certainly, there were some prehistoric people with what you call “primitive” conceptions of life, but the people I came from understood about the cosmos and the necessity of being in harmony with it. Such an attitude was adopted by many prehistoric Native Americans.

We had an advanced concept of the mystery of life and expressed this through ritual chants and what you would call poetry. But it was poetry that was used in a completely sacred way. We never imagined this poetry as separate from its sacred purpose.

I lived in the area of the Southwest, in present day Arizona. But the climate was completely different than what it is today. Your deep interest and caring about Native Americans have attracted us. We don’t always have a passionate desire to make our cultures known, but some of us do. We know you are curious about our way of life, and we felt others would want to know more about us.

It is hard to translate our culture into your own. We of course had language, but it was completely different from any of the modern Native American languages. Our language reflected our way of living and thinking. For example, we had many words for “sky,” depending on the changing weather. We also had many names for what you call species of animals, depending on their development and our needs. For example, an animal killed had a different name than that same animal living.

We had our myths and our sacred stories of Creation. And over and above everything was the Father God. We conceived this Being as looking like us. No, you were correct in your channeling - this God was “Father” to us.

We had an advanced concept of responsibility to the Creator Father and expressed this by complicated and subtle rituals and attitudes of devotion. For example, at every sunset, we gathered and had a service. The sun to us was not a living being by itself, but a manifestation of Manu, our name for this Creator. So you see, even though we lived before the dawn of history, we could already distinguish between the phenomenon of the sun and the Creator Spirit who created it.

By all means share this on the Internet. Many of us feel that we would like contemporary mortals to know more about us.

We are one human family. Our people, who live in a beautiful sphere, are very happy, and wish your countrymen all the best.