Messages 2005

The First Experiment.

June 5, 2005

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


We have come in response to your seeking for guidance on the nature of our “disobedience” by not accepting the gift of God’s divine love. Yes, we are those two who are referred to as Adam and Eve, and I am going to again try to explain our experience. I am Aman, or Adam, and it is my privilege to be able to have this opportunity. You may know that I am a possessor of this grace, the divine love, and inhabit the Celestial Heavens with my soul mate, Amon.

When we became aware of ourselves as special creations of God, we were conscious of our relationship to God through our soul nature (in contrast to our animal nature). We were perfect, and enjoyed the fullness of the power that comes with perfection. We lacked nothing in our earth life, for it was only a matter of choosing what we wanted and it was ours. We understood the workings of the natural laws, and at that time were in perfect balance with all other creations. We were above any need to seek our survival, so powerful was our understanding and control over the forces of nature, and it pleased us to be able to use our power to accomplish what we wanted.

But an important reason why we enjoyed such an exalted condition was because we possessed the soul, that part of us that connected us to God as our creator. We were supremely aware of His presence, and, to some extent, we were also aware of His love waiting for our desire to receive it.

Like children fascinated by a new toy, we were oblivious to this force of love that called to us - until we were asked to choose whether we wanted it, or whether it would not be a part of our lives. There was no mistaking God’s will for us to receive this love, and so we stood in the balance, Creator and created, in our minds as equals. Ah, this was the first error in our thinking, for we were so enamored of our power and privilege that we could not conceive that His love would assist us, and we suspected that in some way it might diminish our power. In considering that His will and love came outside the purview of our own will, we chose to reject the offer of His love.

But as we closed the door to this love, that at one time in our existence on earth was so close it seemed to light us from the inside, we immediately acknowledged its absence, for it was as if a light went off.

I would like to suggest that our choice was the first “experiment” — in contrast to the “great experiment” of accepting this gift so lovingly offered by God. Just as a good scientist needs to test his hypotheses over and over again so as to leave no doubt in his mind as to its truth, and to apply his theories in every way possible, we were compelled to prove that we were equal to God, and just as powerful.

God respected our will to seek this end, and we were aware that He continued to love us. We did not lose sight of His own will for us to be at-one with Him, but it was our pride that kept us from seeking His mercy, and arrogance that kept us from acknowledging our error. For it was such a grievous error that it seemed as if we would need to forfeit our own power, were we to acknowledge it; and so we felt committed to discovering the limit of our own potential.

God waited for the soul who would once again become aware of the presence of His love, and accept it as the gift it was. Through the many ensuing generations of our progeny we did not forget that God was our Creator, and that at one time we had a special relationship that brought Him close to us. We nurtured that memory and believed in its truth, and there emerged a tribe of people who also believed in God, and who tried to be obedient to His will and follow His guidance delivered through His angels.

At such time that a human soul once again heard the knock at the door, Jesus opened that door and became the first to receive this grace, and it flooded the hearts of those of us who knew of its potential, now fulfilled.

Thus came the end of the first experiment, and the beginning of the greatest experiment - that of the transformation of the human soul through its at-onement with the soul of God.

Thank you for taking this time with us,