Messages 2005

You Can’t Go Wrong with Divine Love.

January 7, 2005

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, I love You and appreciate all the blessings You bestow upon Your beloved children. If I am in condition to receive a clear message from our Celestial brethren, guardian angels, co-workers in disseminating the Good News about the availability of Your wondrous Love, I’m willing to sit to receive a message at this time. I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love, I pray to be able to put aside my forethoughts so as to not interfere with the angels’ intended message. Please help me be a clear channel and to serve You and help your children by allowing the angels’ message to be delivered as they wish their thoughts to be written. Thank You for this opportunity and privilege. Amen


We are here with you, as we are always. When you prepare yourself to receive a message, more of us gather to project love and a desire for truth to come through clearly, and to protect you from spirits and random thoughts which might interfere with what we wish to say.

We can see that you feel that these are troubling times, but they are seeds of bringing about necessary changes and strengthening faith in the power of God’s laws to guide and oversee the progress and development of His beloved children.

Anything carried out, which is motivated by love, with a desire to help humankind develop a closer relationship with God is always good. The reason there seem to be conflicts in beliefs is due to the reality that everyone is on a different level of spiritual development and awareness. So what some believe to be “The Truth” others may find to not be so for them.

Live the Love; accept others where they are; do not attempt to make them believe something which they are not ready, willing or able to accept. You know very well that this procedure does not work anyway. As you progress in Love, and become Love as the Substance of God’s Divinity in your souls causes you to become, you will be able to demonstrate all the God-like qualities which will be undeniably divine.

In the meantime, while you are working up to that condition of divinity, do your best and have faith that God will do the rest! When you have good and loving intentions, good and loving actions will follow and souls seeking truth will want to follow in the Way.

I know that it usually seems that we are saying nothing new or earth shaking, but when you apply the Truth and Love in your lives on a more consistent basis and do not doubt the power of this wondrous Love, you will see for yourselves what kind of affect it has on others.

Doubt is akin to fear, like in, “What if I’m wrong?” You cannot be wrong about Love. You cannot be wrong about the power of God’s goodness in your lives. If you are guided to some action which you believe turned out ‘not the way you intended’, that may have been just what was supposed to have happened in order for certain lessons to be learned. Do not try to second-guess the great laws of God that have governance over your lives. Sometimes the lessons need to be a bit harsh in order for you to learn something very important.

Be thankful even for seemingly harsh experiences, but always remember that you are beloved children of God and that everything He does for you is a blessing, even if it is disguised at times. Love yourselves at all times even if you believe you made a mistake because, oftentimes, it is through the seeming mistakes that doors open, minds change, and new avenues are found.

Keep up your good prayers and desires to know the truth and activate your faith that these prayers and desires will receive positive answers and guidances. God only gives positive and loving answers to His children, you can depend upon this; you can bet your life on it!

We love all God’s children, our brothers and sisters, and do everything in our power to help them in all ways we are able. But, as you so very well know, each child needs to turn to God in prayer, in desiring Higher help, in knowing that he or she cannot do it alone. No one has to do it alone, for it will make life too difficult to bear.

We are here for you. God is always watchful for the pleas of the seeking soul, and He never fails to answer them with Love, giving strength and inner knowing for those with heartfelt longings. Thank you for your willingness to sit for our message this morning. We will come anytime you wish to receive our thoughts to share with the world.

I will just say there are many Celestial Spirits gathered around, and we all have been instrumental in sharing our Love. God will continue to bless you and all His children; it is important to let these blessings into your hearts and know that you are God’s beloved children and that He will never forsake you, nor will we.