Messages 2005

Spread the Truth through Love.

May 23, 2005

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


K.S. – I am seeking angelic guidance about how to present the Padgett messages in a more inclusive way, and about the seemingly large percentage of souls who have received some Divine Love, even though the messages say how difficult it is to get into condition to aspire for It.


We are here with you, dear sister, and this, too, is our desire, to make the Truths palpable to include a large segment of the population. But as you are keenly aware, a person’s mindset is a powerful deterrent to be open to the Truth. “Willingness to change” is difficult to make happen in peoples’ lives. Those who have made extreme changes often experience difficulties and loss of direction. Human nature tends to hang onto things which are familiar, habit patterns are easy to develop and hard to break.

Even if, or when, you become successful in presenting the Truths of God’s Love (available to each and every soul) in a loving and acceptable way, you will still find resistance from many avenues which will refuse to accept, and will block, any kind of truthful presentation. You will need to learn to trust your ability to give your love, and to know that you want your fellow human beings to learn the truths and to know that they are good, wonderful, and loving and can bring peace into the world.

In the meantime, when everyone decides to hang onto their own religions, beliefs, and attitudes, it can be emphasized that love and tolerance of individual choices is the peaceful road to follow. Since you are acutely aware of the fact that high spiritual truth cannot be learned until a soul has progressed in the Divine Love of God, then no matter how perfect and accurate your presentations of Truth, they will not find lodgment in the souls of God’s children, your fellows.

Each day unfolds with opportunities to reach out with your love. It may seem as if these opportunities are taking on a new face, and that you will make a different kind of presentation, but it will evolve in a harmonious way. You are making good strides in your spiritual growth by having faith that doing your best is plenty good enough, and that it is by your demeanor and loving example that others will want to listen to what you have to say, and be willing to hear truth with their ‘sensibilities’, and apply it in their thinking and ways of living.

We approve of, and agree with, what is being done with the editing work on the messages. The percentage number in question1 is somewhat difficult to present logically because although a person can receive a small amount of Divine Love, It can become dormant if that person pursues a life of intellectual development. These two pathways are different at the core.

The divine pathway requires a soul to have sincere longings to develop the inner spiritual qualities. These individuals strive to recognize that they not only have a love nature, but that it can be fed and nourished and developed. They know that human beings have a special quality which isn’t present in other forms of life to the same degree. They can feel empathy for their fellows. They know it’s a real quality of their spiritual nature and that it is also present in others. This spiritual spark or motivation is what causes a person to embark on making a relationship with their Creator. It must come from within an individual.

The intellectual pathway is more like a challenge, more akin to a person wanting or needing to “prove him/herself” to themselves and others by rising to the challenge at hand and solving the problem. When it was stated that it is no easy matter to cultivate to desires of the soul to develop its relationship with its Creator, this is true because of the myriad of distractions in the material world which take the mind away on a tangent and doesn’t allow the soul to get in touch with its needs.

A person can somehow know it needs love to survive, but it interprets love as affection, not realizing that it is a spiritual quality. This misunderstanding comes about as a result of ‘feeling’ the mother’s emanations of love when being picked up and held. This is a natural result of the soul being incarnate and the body having appetites. But the person who learns that giving from the heart and helping others in many ways is rewarded and fulfilled without money or material offerings of any kind. This person realizes that they are able to ‘feel’ joy and upliftment of spirit, separate from body, and have the opportunity to expand their understanding of themselves as a child of a Spiritual Being.

Now you can somewhat understand the complexity of helping seeking souls “get into a spiritual gear” and develop their awareness of higher laws and possibilities, when their tendency is to try to figure out how they are to best deal with this material life. There are extremes to deal with, which make a clear presentation of truth even more complex: the atheist who absolutely knows there is no Creator or Higher Power; and the cave dweller who will have nothing to do with material life because he knows his soul is the only part of himself which has any importance. How can the truths about the availability of God’s Divine Grace be presented in a palpable way to an atheist, for example?

All you can do is your best and know that it will reach some seeking souls who are ready to learn, grow and become enlightened. We suggest that a percentage not be proclaimed in relation to ‘how many’ souls may have received some of the Divine Essence of God’s wondrous Soul because it could be misleading and distracting. But according to your own intentions and guidelines, make this Divine Grace attractive and seem quite possible to achieve through desire. Help the soul’s potential seem reachable and something worth striving for.

If I have not appropriately answered your questions this morning, I’m willing to come again to help with guidance when you’d like more input. Thank you for being receptive to my thoughts. I am one of your special guardians who loves you dearly, and I am with you often to protect and guide you, your brother in Christ and friend, Peter the Apostle.

Yes, God blesses you abundantly; all you have to do to be receptive to, and to ‘feel’ these blessings is to relax into your soul and trust that God Loves you and that you are worthy of all these wondrous blessings.


1 See message