Messages 2005

The soul’s natural intelligence.

October 9, 2005

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here, my sister in Christ, and I am John, the apostle of Jesus, and your brother and friend in the work of living and spreading the Divine Love. You are all disciples of Jesus for you pray for and receive this Substance of God’s Soul – the Divine Love – which makes you one with Him in heart and mind. You may wonder, then, why you do not perform the gifts of spirit as we did on earth, such as healing the sick, and I would like to clarify the differences between the world I walked in to the one of today.

There are certain limitations that have been “taught into” your human experience in the guise of “knowledge.” Today, most everyone knows the earth revolves around the sun, and as it continues in its revolutions through the seasons, there are changes to the weather. In my day this was not common knowledge; there were popular stories about why the sun rose every day, and a sense of awe that the seasons came and went, providing us with the food we needed to survive. Many cultures were nomadic because the need for food and shelter mandated where the people could live. It was this complete dependence upon the powers inherent in the earth that caused us to keep our souls’ eyes open to the mysteries and powers of life.

You may be surprised that I speak of the soul’s eyes in this context of survival, but you might understand that because our intellectual capacity failed to provide us with the “reason” for the workings of our natural environment, other faculties of the human soul – that of faith and our observation of the goodness of life constantly occurring around us – were open and used to understand our relationship to the earth and to God. As simple men we were humbled by the power of God, and we had faith that He could move through us as He wished. You, too, may heal as we did, but you may need to understand yourselves from the perspective of how God created you – as a soul created in His image.

You know of the teaching, “Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.” For some, it is confusing to know what is “found,” and what door to walk through because life can be very complex with its many choices; your world is no longer a simple one. There are many influences at work that oppose the natural order that keeps life in balance with a higher purpose. As His beloved, God’s will is that you become at-one with Him in Love. This implies that you already have a relationship with God. Prior to your incarnation into the flesh you clearly knew of this relationship. You may know that God has not forgotten this relationship, but for you in the world, it can be an easy thing to forget.

You are taught the ways of the world, but what ways are these? Most are teachings that come from the human mind that has become separated from the Mind of God. Ask yourself if you have been taught to honor the natural order of life and, above all, to honor the power of the One who created it. Perhaps you have been taught, instead, to honor the intellect and its own constructs; you may have been measured for your “intelligence” and thus advanced (or not) in society because you have met the criteria of “success” established by standards set by the educated.

So, you may understand a little better why it may be more difficult for you to heal as we did – you were not encouraged to believe or have faith in the powers that existed outside yourself. As an adult, you have begun your education to seek so that you might find this power that awaits all of God’s children. You start to trust the intuition and perceptions that you were naturally endowed with – the common sense that tells you, “this is the way.” You find the answers you seek when you have faith in yourself, and when you remember that God has not forgotten how to guide you, only that you have forgotten how to guide yourself. Listen to that still, small voice that speaks. Honor its wisdom – do not shut it out. If you must, go outside and touch the earth, feel the life that flows in and around you, do this to find the guidance you seek. Then trust that God is opening the door for you to walk through, if you so choose, to discover your soul’s relationship to Him and to all life. He created you to be in this world as His redeemed child, a light that shines from the inside. From the inside, you will find the resources you need to know how to heal, what is true, and, most important, how to love.

I am your brother and friend in the Christ Love, John.