Messages 2005

Fulfillment as an Attribute of Love.

May 14, 2005

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here now, my dear sister in Christ, and I am your friend in Spirit, the great Spirit of God’s Divine Love. I see that you are open to receiving a message and I am happy to be given this opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you.

Yes, I am Jesus and I am your brother in Christ who loves you and all my brothers and sisters on earth. This love I feel for you fills my heart and fulfills my soul. God shows me this kind of love.

The attribute of love which causes this feeling of fulfillment plays a great part in how the Divine Love grows within the human soul. Such unconditional love makes its possessor feel sufficient, and causes the soul to want more of this kind of fulfillment. Within that moment of soul communion between Creator and created, God – Perfect and All Knowing – holds His beloved as the precious creation he is and has only love for him; and when that child turns his soul longings to God, such sweet response comes with the gift of Divine Love.

The human soul is not perfected until love can become its only thought and desire, and I speak here of the natural love, for the soul was created to be an instrument of love. Beyond this perfection is the Divine Love, the Substance of God’s Soul, which He is ever ready to share with His children. The soul may not yet be perfect but is loved by Perfection, may not yet be immortal, but is loved for eternity. And even as this one who is not wholly perfect turns her desires to God for His Love, it is received in its fullness and she is brought into nearness as an embrace would bring close the beloved into the arms of eternal love.

In God’s eyes we lack nothing, for we are the objects of His Love. There is no need to prove to Him that we deserve His Love – we are sufficient to God. This sense of fulfillment in the Divine Love never leaves us and is so complete that we have no thoughts of needing anything else. So good is this feeling that our souls long for it again and again. It makes sense that people seek for what makes them feel good – it is a taste of what the soul could have if it would only receive this Grace by desire which brings with it peace and comfort.

The Divine Love creates in our soul a sense of purpose for we become aware of the goodness of our presence, our place in the world, such as the flower and the bird and windsong. Our love for God and His Love for us brings change into the world as those who also want to find this place see love’s fulfillment in the many forms it takes through each soul. And as love’s eternal and patient nature works in us and through us, we grow by holding the space in our hearts for love to be received and given.

My heart is full of love for you, my family. I am always present in this love even if I am elsewhere and called upon by so many. Love is enough for all, for God breathes His Eternal Love into every space in my soul and mind, and that space is infinite.

Consider this as you meet your daily needs: When you remain aware of your loving purpose you honor every living thing, which may not be perfect but is worthy of love. And that thing will bloom like a flower in your love – a light in this world.

I am your beloved as you are mine, Jesus of the Bible.