Messages 2007

Rebestowal of Divine Love.

February 6th, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I come this morning to address your question, if the Divine Love was not rebestowed until my coming because humanity did not want It, what about those special souls, such as Abraham and Joseph, who did possess a great deal of love? Didn’t they deserve the Divine Love, and wouldn’t they have desired It?

Well, this is a very good and a very fair question. First, let me say that God was not unjust in withholding the Divine Love from these special souls. And the reason is that these souls paved the way for the Love’s rebestowal. It was part of the evolution of humanity toward greater development. In God’s Plan for humanity, He had to raise up these special souls first, before the Love was actually rebestowed at my coming.

When mortals like Abraham and Joseph honored God by doing the brave things they did, they brought humanity to a higher level. In order to understand why they were not given the privilege of receiving the Divine Love, you must understand that God’s Plan for humanity has worked in stages. One step had to follow another, and each advance built on the previous one.

You know the old truism, we are not unhappy by something we have never experienced. Since these special people never experienced the Divine Love, they could not comprehend Its existence, nor Its happy effect on the soul. And they were all given everything they needed to accomplish their missions.

As you channeled, Moses was very happy in his life, for whenever he had a question, God would answer it. So they were given everything they needed. They were not unhappy without the Love, because they had no conception of Its existence. Even the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel, who did foretell the coming of the Love, only perceived It dimly. So It was something that really didn’t enter their consciousness, and thus did not make them unhappy by Its absence.

Just as Moses was selected to liberate his people from Egypt, so I was selected to embody the reinstatement of the privilege of receiving the Divine Love. There was no unfairness on God’s part. He worked according to a method, a plan, which necessitated first, the development of the natural love, and finally, the coming of the greater Love.

It is true that long after humanity lost this privilege, nothing of the sort was even desired, for mortals became preoccupied with the animal nature and material existence. But slowly, humanity evolved, and there appeared a few brave, unusual souls who stood out in their development in love, and in their dedication to God. But even someone like Moses did not comprehend that God was pure Love; he had been influenced to believe that God had wrath, and desired punishment for disobeying His laws.

When I appeared in the Holy Land to preach the Glad Tidings, my advent had been carefully prepared by a very precise order of mortal appearances. Thus, my predecessors prepared the way for my coming. If they did not have the privilege of receiving the Divine Love, it was only because of how God’s Plan worked, and not because of any injustice on God’s part.