Messages 2001

Jewels of Love.

May 30th, 2001

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here with you, my dear sister in Christ, and I am Mary, the mother of Jesus, your guardian and friend in the Divine Love of our wonderful Creator. I am happy that you have allowed me to write at this time because there is something we wish to share with you who love and serve the truth of the soul’s progression in the Love of God. I say “we” because my son, Jesus, is with us now and would like to take this opportunity to express his perceptions of your current situation in developing your church and outreaches.

I am here with you, A__, and I wish to say that you are a wonderful channel who I am most happy to have the pleasure of using for my thoughts. I thank you most kindly for your willingness to accept that this gift you possess is a thing you allow yourself to use to help others.

I want to assure you all that your “impressions” of how best to focus your attention on your goal of spreading the good news of the Gift of Divine Love have been under my direction, as well as the angels whose purpose it is to guide the people of this earth into their soul awakening and transformation. There will you find your energy and sense of purpose revitalized because the shift we would like to see happen is one where your love, the Christ Love, is active in your world.

Cherish the times you have together, working as one mind and body to achieve your vision that others may know of the truth that has healed you. It is no small feat that you of such diverse backgrounds are able to recognize a singular purpose in giving your love; it is no less than Divine Love active within your souls and extended to one another. This is why I had my disciples near me while on earth - we were fortified by the presence of the Christ Love manifest between us; we spoke of truth and we shared the triumphs of the Spirit over the conflicts of our lives.

No doubt you still face the limitations of your love within your personal lives, but this is the glorious struggle you have the opportunity to be victorious over. Do not be dismayed by your human failing because this only makes you accessible to those who look to you and want to know if they, too, have a chance to seek God and obtain His Love. You show them that God Loves you still, that mercy and forgiveness can become human characteristics when the soul is allowed to express itself, and when you are courageous enough to stand before God and others and say, “I need Your Love. I cannot do this alone.” Your hearts and minds are possessed by something beautiful, and that is your discovery that you are, indeed, not alone.

I wish to speak to you who find yourselves somewhat removed from this community of spiritual development on earth, where you are in the world with others who do not share the same soul knowledge as yourself. I say that you will find in me your ally in prayer and introspection. As your soul longing takes form in those quiet moments, and when you are aware of the presence of your angelic guardians and friends, I encourage you to hold sacred this time during which you can aspire and feel the blessed Love of God filling you. Let this Love become your sight and hearing.

It is in the everyday world that this Love is a welcome and refreshing change. It is the small miracle of finding yourselves gliding through your day on the wings of prayer and love, more easily giving your Love to situations that appear to be normal occurrences in your daily life, but that somehow take on a special glow, and “truth” is spoken more loudly and clearly. These moments are strung together like beads on the most precious necklace - they are the jewels of Love that connect you to God and the heavenly host. This is what I want to encourage you to do: pray for and receive our guidance with your hearts and minds open to the opportunities before you, and know that you are a precious link in this everlasting circle of Love.

We are with you every day, guiding your hands and hearts to live in God’s Comforting Love, to know His Peace, to rejoice in His Love that quietly and firmly guides your words and thoughts. You have a higher purpose, and we are ready to remind you that we need your gifts and talents. You have an audience in the world that waits with stirring emotion and anticipation for the love that your souls can give.

Yes, you are to focus upon the gifts in your hands at this very moment. Use the tools you are blessed with to serve God in Love, to bring your love to the world. Seek out those chances to express the spiritual life you know exists within you. Show kindness and caring, compassion and peace. Do not turn anything or anyone away without giving your love - the greatest gift your soul has to give. In this way you become the Christ; God’s Love then has a Face in the world, and He holds you close to His Soul, tenderly and with great respect and reverence.

My disciples, you are my spiritual counterparts in this world that cries out for truth. There is nothing too small or mundane that does not deserve the blessing of your love and light. The instant you lay your beautiful eyes upon what is before you, it is transformed into a beautiful and precious thing. And if you are to witness something ugly with untruth and its lack of love, you will see it in truth, you will recognize that it is not of God, and that it has no place in your heart and mind, as it has no place in God’s Heart and Mind.

Let your souls guide you now to answer your questions, for each one of you must individually answer the question the Spirit asks of you: Will I love?

I am with you. Do not doubt my dear brothers and sisters. You are never alone. You will find the answer, and it will be clear to you what the best course of action is for you and your family in Christ. We are one body, one mind, and one heart in the Divine Love. This you can be sure of.

I am your friend and brother who loves you dearly and prays to God for your spiritual awakening and rebirth in Love, Jesus.