Messages 2009

Loving Oneself.

January 25th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me channel a message, as I see you lack clarity.

You have heard many times that spiritual seers have advocated making the self nothing to achieve a high spiritual state. But you also know that human beings are God’s highest creations. So where is the truth?

The truth is that a person has free will, and can choose to humble himself or herself or not.

Does this mean one has to deny to oneself a great achievement one has accomplished? Definitely not!

You have learned that orthodox Christianity is wrong when it debases people. This means that it is entirely appropriate to acknowledge oneself when one has accomplished something significant, whether that be a victory over oneself or anything valuable that is in harmony with His Will.

The attitude of giving love to another, in whatever form it takes, is by nature a renunciation of the self, that is, of the selfish ego, which only wants to consider itself.

Your confusion arose because you thought the concept was to deny one’s being when doing an act of love. This confusion arose because for centuries, orthodox Christianity has taught that the self is bad and depraved.

So what I am implying is that a genuine act of self-sacrificing love should elevate someone in that own person’s eyes, instead of denying one’s own goodness.

Seen without the smokescreen that orthodox Christianity has erected, you can see how an act of love can benefit the giver by giving that loving soul a better feeling toward oneself.