Messages 2003

Walk gently in peace.

February 17, 2003

Aptos, California

Received by A.R.


I am here, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus of the Bible. I am here to speak about the peace that you are seeking to establish in your own heart and in the world.

As I spoke to the many people who sought to hear the message of love that I taught, I had an ear to my loving Father, half-listening to the comforting wisdom that flowed from His Soul into mine. Through the medium of my being I conveyed the real Love that I was experiencing at the time, and this Love was not lost on my audience.

The people who followed me and gathered to hear my teachings were vexed by their material conditions. They were troubled in body, mind, and soul, and sought relief from their discontent through their hope that peace could be theirs. What I showed them was a faith in our God - that He was providing for our greater happiness, and that He reached out in Love to the soul of every man, woman, and child. And so, when the healings took place, it helped strengthen the belief in the people that God truly cared for them.

It is significant that upon my passing into the life of spirit, my disciples who knew of what I taught - who knew in their souls the truth that God had moved toward His children in offering this Gift of Love - continued to heal and teach as I did. Was this because of me? No, it was because they elevated their thoughts and desires to seek their God and accept His Love so that it could move them toward their brothers and sisters who were in need of hope and faith.

Remember this now, my dear family in Christ, that although you have not walked with me on earth in the flesh, nor had the chance to hear me speak with a mortal voice, you have the opportunity to open your souls to the inflowing of God’s Divine Love - the great Comforter. It was this Love that was demonstrated through me, and the same may be demonstrated through you. Those conditions still exist that can work through an open heart to bring truth and love to the seeking soul, and you are needed in this world to be the living examples of Christ Love.

Your gifts are varied, and your way of walking in peace upon this earth is unique unto yourselves. Do not be dismayed if you are not spoken of as one who performs miracles. You are spoken of by friends and family as one who loves and is kind, who carries hope for and faith in human goodness like a banner held high.

God needs you to be His children, true to your nature and purpose of love. Peace will come upon its own gentle feet - the feet of millions like you who know love will prevail because you see that it prevails every day in your lives.

I am your friend and brother, and I thank you all for your devotion to serving in love and truth. Jesus.