Messages 2010

The European Union - 3.

August 25th, 2010.

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me comment further on the European Union, as we see you need more clarity. I see more than you, Daniel Estulin, or anybody else on Earth. I can see patterns and future events because I can read mortals’ intentions and secret thoughts. We knew what Mr. Estulin reveals in his books even before it had occurred to some of the chief actors, and that is because we saw trends, and also the mindset of those who held power.

I got your thought, and it is a true one: if Jeremiah could predict the coming of the New Birth, then certainly we Celestial Angels are far more capable of foreseeing the future. Of course, we don’t see the distant future, though we do know that sin and error will be destroyed. So with these thoughts in mind, I say that Europe will benefit from its experience of the last fifty years, and the long-range plan of a one-world government, a one-world company, will be defeated.

I read your thoughts: Europe was on her knees after World War II, and the European community that developed could not escape the dominance of your country (the United States) as it laid out conditions for Europe’s recovery, that benefited the empire mentality. And many Europeans, including some of its leaders, have not liked European integration, and have said so.

Which leads me to say that just as the darkness has had an organized plan, so the Celestial Kingdom has had an organized plan, and you will live to see how the former will be swallowed up in the latter. You had that insight a few years ago in your email to the Rev. David Grishaw-Jones of the First Congregational Church.

And now, your mind protests and says, they have accumulated so much power and money. So I repeat back to you what you have been telling others for months: who is more powerful, they or God? We see, out of whatever unhappiness and misfortune have come to Europe, a happy sequel. So you have channeled me accurately both tonight and in the past.