Messages 2001

Praying for peace.

July 13th, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


Dear Father in Heaven, I pray for a great inflowing of Your Divine Love at this time. I pray to be enabled to put aside my forethoughts so I may be a clear channel to receive a message from a Celestial angel. There are many good and new things happening; we hope we are helping them unfold in good ways. Thank You for all the many blessings You bestow upon us every day. Help me to be receptive to my guardian angels’ influences and to extend my love in each and every activity. I wish to leave myself open to whatever the angels wish to deliver at this time. Amen.


I am here now to write, my dear sister in Christ, and I come to you in answer to your desire to receive a written message to share with your brothers and sisters who are on the Path of Love toward at-onement with their Creator. I am your friend and brother in Spirit, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, and I appreciate this opportunity you are giving me to deliver a message at this time.

We always have many things to say to our brethren on earth, more so and more often than they are willing to hear, read or listen to our words of truth and wisdom. Humankind is caught up on a wave of technology and materialism and has no idea how to get off or even that it may not be a desirable place to be. But as a result of this fast pace of living, with new inventions and new things to learn, and trying to keep pace with what’s going on in the world, it is no wonder that so many fail to take time to pray.

Some “relaxing exercises” are helpful in bringing peacefulness into daily living, but these do not take the place of prayer. How can we help God’s children learn about the importance of daily prayer? We can emphasize that formal prayer is not necessary to reach God’s Listening Ear. We can suggest that one does not have to be on his knees to pray, but that a heartfelt longing can be sent to God in a milli-moment. An expression of thankfulness for blessings is a prayer; being aware of the beauty of nature all around you does not escape God’s notice.

In order to open doors to higher levels of consciousness these deeper desires and awarenesses need to be activated, and this can not be accomplished during whirlwind material activities being indulged in throughout your busy days. Yes, the new technology is wonderful; yes, it is in harmony with God’s Laws. It is not the technology which prevents you from activating your spiritual desires, it is the way you become distracted, absorbed, involved to the degree that you fail to take time to relax and especially to pray more frequently, sincerely putting yourselves more completely into God’s Arms of Love, and trusting in His Guidance and Protection, having faith that when you take each step with love, your pathway will unfold in marvelous and fulfilling ways.

Yes, you are following guidance clearly. We, too, are excited about the new possibilities unfolding, new approaches for reaching the masses with the truths of God’s Love and Mercy and Tender Care. And we still advocate that the more presentations you offer, the greater chances we have of reaching larger segments of seeking souls. Keep up your good work, increase the sincerity and frequency of your prayers, and you will benefit from the results of this.

Pray for peace in the world, include this request in your publications. People need to become aware that their prayers are effective and can bring about good changes in the world. Even if it starts with “belief” in the possibility that some good may come from your sincere, heartfelt desires, even if you “hope” it is true, what harm can it do to try? Believe in the power of prayer; hope that it will bring positive changes to the world, then, when you see good changes coming to pass, you can change your belief of mind to faith of soul. Continue offering your prayers to God, knowing that they have made a difference, and that through your surrender to God’s Will and your desires to help make a better world, you have brought about good changes as a result of your sincere prayers.

I feel that I have properly stressed the point I was hoping to make in this message. I do sincerely pray that it will reach the hearts of many devout and humble souls who will join with us in prayer for peace and harmony throughout the land.

God bless you and keep you safe. I will come again and write, when you present the opportunity. We remain with you in Spirit, ever diligent, watching over you and guiding you to fulfill your desires to serve God in the best ways you can.

We love you beyond measure, and pray with you when you invite us to. Your brother in Christ, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.